At present, rental LED display more and more focus on the appearance design, easy installation and other elements. YUCHIP has adapted Nanocomposites material for rental LED display, which makes it lighter and thinner.

SHENZHEN, CHINA, May 22, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — With the development of technology, there has been big change in rental LED display market in recent years. Compared to the early rise of LED display, the product design is more humanized now; the assembly, disassembly and transportation is very convenient and fast; and also the showing effect is more clear. The main product was P5 and P6 before, while now it is P3.91. Moreover, the higher definition LED display such as P2.5 and P1.9 also join the market and is being more and more popular. Customers will have other choices when being promoted products in the past few years, and not so easy for them to accept rental LED display. But now they come to discuss about cooperation with enterprises.

At present, rental Outdoor LED display focuses on exterior design, convenient assembly, etc. Each company has its own understanding towards the beautiful appearance and fast installation. In the aspect of the exterior design, there are some companies that have adopted industrial design concept, and designed the product just like a piece of artwork with die casting and magnesium alloy material, etc. When it comes to the product design of Rental LED display, YUCHIP sale manager Eric introduced its feature further. Currently YUCHIP rental LED display panel has used nanocomposite, which makes the cabinet thinner and lighter. A 500*500mm cabinet can be held by just one finger. Besides, we adopt cabinet magnetic type of installation, which makes the installation process like hanging mural. Only 6 minutes is enough to finish assembling a 10sqm rental LED display, twice faster in the time aspect than the main rental LED display in the market. Expect exterior design and convenient assembly, we also have more humanized design in production transportation, installation structure and innovated splice.

Small Pixel LED Display Promoted the High-end Rental Market

Since last year, in the guidance of small pixel LED display, the industry has maintained a high growth rate. Benefited from the quick development of small pixel LED display technology, the high-end rental market, which is represented by small pixel LED display comes into being, and is gradually becoming the new driving force for the growth of LED screen enterprises.

Eric told us that YUCHIP has deployed the research and development of small pixel pitch and smart rental LED display. There is 6 model of small pixel pitch LED display being put on the market in 2016. It has made a difference among the domestic dealers and project customers after more than one – year promotion. Owing to the outstanding sales achievement of small pixel pitch LED display, YUCHIP combines the small pixel pitch LED display technology together with the rental LED display technology effectively. And has promoted the ultra high definition series of rental LED display in this industry, like P1.9, P2.0, and P2.5, which can satisfy the different demand of medium and high-end rental market. It has Pro version at the same time. With high refresh rate, fast assembly, ultra lightweight, mainly aim at the high-end dancing market. Because of dual backup for power and signal cable, even if one of the equipment breaks up, another one will replace automatically, which improves the stability significantly.

Meanwhile, Eric also pointed out small pixel pitch LED display is still in the initial stage, and the demand is not very large. Many people in this field view it as the key product of the rental market for the next three to five years. Because of the remaining high price, it is difficult for customers to accept small pixel pitch rental LED display screen in short time in the rental market that pays attention to the rate of return. However, with the continuous improvement of technology and decrease of manufacturing cost, we believe that high definition, high-quality rental LED display products must be the future direction.

The Shared rental LED display may be the next opportunity in this field

All kinds of science and technology advance by leaps and bounds in the 21st century. The world changes nearly every day. The business model represented by the sharing economy, such as sharing bikes, sharing cars, sharing hotels, etc. is disrupting many industries. Rental LED display industry also saw the changes brought by the sharing economy. Since the LED display is being frequently used in dancing events, and it needs to be assembled and disassembled and transfer ed to other places usually, it seems that the LED display purchased by one company can’t meet all its own needs. So it is quite possible that the shared business model in LED display industry will bring new development space. Higher requirements for the quality of LED display are put forward at the same time. YUCHIP has been working hard to focus on innovation and customer demand.

Regarding the future development of rental LED display, Eric thinks that it is not only product innovation, but also business innovation. We believe that LED display companies with innovative ability and emphasis on product quality will be recognized by the market and customers.


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