Banks help with the current economic situation. They have provided some great assistance for our homeowners. Currently offering no interest and no payment loans for an entire year.

EL PASO, TX, April 04, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Homeowners unready to face escalating summer energy costs have a better option to consider, said Mike LaBeau of SoBellas Home Services.

“We know high natural gas and electric prices will be a concern, especially as temperatures increase. Keeping your home comfortable during summer weather also puts a strain on an aging heating and air conditioning system that, unfortunately, will lead to more energy use and ultimately to untimely breakdowns,” Mike L. said.

As an alternative, Mike said, “We’ve got a special program that will help homeowners transition to a new air conditioning system and enjoy lower energy costs all year long.”

A new, high efficiency SoBellas Signature Series heating and air conditioning system can knock 10% of energy consumption off last year’s usage.

Mike also added that these new systems are available at a pre-season price through 4/30/2020, so homeowners should take note that when they choose their air conditioning system is an important factor in cost-savings. “It’s a simple matter of demand,” he said. “The demand that occurs during hot summer temps means there’s no need to discount, so prices always go higher across the industry. But if you’ll call and schedule when residential contractors aren’t as busy, you can always get a better deal.”

Just as important, Mike said, SoBellas has a special deal right now where homeowners can get a $250 trade-in on their old energy-wasting furnaces. “Like they say, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. We place a high value on these old, outdated systems because we use them for training our techs. Sometimes we donate them to charity, and they appreciate it too,” he said.

To contact SoBellas Home Services for a free Energy Survey or to take advantage of our current no interest and no payments for 12 months or 36 months with zero interest with payments or a $250 trade in, call 915-585-2811 or visit

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