WorkParrrots brand people online persona as Goal Achievers by providing social tools to set goals, collaborate and track Schedule. Employers Swipe resume Video Pitch to hire

VANCOUVER, BC, May 02, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — WorkParrrots Social Network Launch on Kickstarter

Parents are advising children about time management. Individuals and business are doing second evaluation on ways to achieve goals that have been delayed by Covid pandemic.

Workparrots has lunched Kickstarter campaign for a social network to manage, collaborate and tract social or professional goals and branding users as goal achiever. Back Workparrots on Kickstarter today.

Post Pandemic

This is the time to evaluate how much time we spend on social media. Valuable time has been lost to stay at home order. Workparrots bridge that gap by transforming your time on social network into productivity through goal setting, collaboration and branding while providing a fun social network environment with friends and acquaintance.

Who might want to use WorkParrots

Ambitious business entrepreneurs, youth groups, students, fitness groups, artists, financial planners, job seekers and anyone with an active hobby will find WorkParrots a perfect platform. WorkParrots aim at transforming your online persona to a doer and achiever as you share goal activities progress using workparrots social tools. WorkParrots is designed as a success social network for ambitious individuals who want to get things done and still maintain social status. So if you have a plan to execute, WorkParrots might be the right platform to share with followers as you document your progress. It is a great networking platform for public persona for business, work or hobby. Help bring this webapp to live on kickstarter.

How WorkParrots Social Network Works

WorkParrots provide social tools to set working days, start and finish project dates, Calendar planning, collaboration invites to share and get projects on track. A community where users demonstrate ability to control destiny in a social atmosphere where positive feedback, group coordination and time management is a common goal shared by all. Add goals to device calendar for proper project planning and receive activities reminder. Take advantage of cellphone videos and images for documentation of activities from start to finish.

Get a goal series started alone or collaborate on projects with others and be credited as one goal achiever(equal credit for group work). Send an invitation to anyone and work as a team. Support others to achieve goals with encouraging comments, donating resources or pledge financial support. WorkParrots accounts users can link their profile to crowd funding platforms.

WorkParrots mission is to build a social community where people press as hard as they can to achieve goals, control their destiny and demonstrate the ability to focus on what matters.

WorkParrots Signature

WorkParrots is a platform for doers to be branded as achievers while maintaining their social connections. Parrots Promo is an introductory video that can be used to highlight your goals, achievements and the prospect of your profile. Parrots Promo is used by job applicants and non-applicants to highlight profiles.

Video Resumes for Employers to Watch and Swipe

Business accounts can look-up available job seekers base on their profession, years of experience, and location by watching “Parrots Promo” videos of job seekers and swipe them for employment.

In addition to documenting activities progress, project schedule tracking and goals management;
WorkParrots also provide job-posting board for employers to post jobs and receive the resume.
WorkParrots job seekers provide resume for job postings with their profile record of goals and success achievement.

Back WorkParrots on Kickstarter today to help bring this project to live using this link
Backers who support this project will have free lifetime premium unlimited sharing and access to watch video resume pitch and swipe to hire or post jobs.

WorkParrots is a webapp available worldwide as a social network. A startup company in Vancouver Canada looking for public support to complete webApp development and maintenance. Raphael Bigah is the founder of workparrots Inc. Raphael Graduated mechanical Engineering from the university of Victoria Canada and found the existing social media to be distracting from getting things done and branding as a doer who is also very social.

WorkParrots is for doers to Achieve & be Social.

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