Online Store Tailors Services to Support Stay Home, Work at Home Population, Providing Wide Range of Needed Products

TALLAHASSEE, FL, April 04, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — “Shop locally” has become a motto for many as a way of supporting local businesses and communities. But, thanks to the novel coronavirus (COVID – 19), the world is in crisis and the need to protect public health and safety through “social distancing” has taken center stage.

Increasingly, communities and states are adopting Stay Home, work at home policies and practices in order to safeguard the public. Indeed, the vast majority of U.S. population is now under official “stay-at-home” orders, whether mandatory or voluntary lockdown. Staying safe and avoiding risk to others has become the new mantra of social responsibility.

So what are people supposed to do to get food, home supplies, medications and other essential or otherwise needed items? Some local stores and restaurants are rising to the challenge by offering delivery services and the placement of orders online. Others are offering drive-through and curbside pickup services. Many others unprepared to deal with the sudden change are either keeping their doors open to those who choose to venture out or closing their operations, whether temporarily or permanently.

Another alternative for consumers, and one that avoids direct contact with others, is shopping online. An online “shopping hub” is available — — that features an array of products specifically screened for their value to consumers dealing with the coronavirus pandemic. Screenings focus on necessity or usefulness of products in such a time of crisis, product availability (where other outlets list items that the shopper ultimately discovers are “Out of Stock”), and consumer ratings.

As consumers across the U.S. and the globe have discovered, essential products have disappeared from store shelves, and even online outlets, due to excessive demand. The does daily screenings to make sure the products they have listed are actually available — including finding replacements where items reach out-of-stock status. New products are also added on an ongoing basis.

As noted by a company spokesperson, “Our product screenings are meant to save consumers time and ensure they can find needed and otherwise helpful products, with the added benefit of having them all available in one place.”

The shopping hub began its operations in 2018. Severe challenges of the coronavirus inspired “shop” management to expand the site to include two full pages related to the coronavirus – one for virtually everyone and the other for those unexpectedly in a stay at home, work at home mode.

The site addresses basic needs (like toilet paper, antibacterial wipes, disposable gloves, vitamin C, and many others, including food) as well as a variety of other needs – from emotional support (ways to relieve stress, anxiety, depression, fear) and motivational, empowerment tools to a unique game that can be played with friends and family for fun and enhanced communications. These and various other products are featured on the page labeled “Coronavirus”. The Stay Home page has still other items with a focus on the needs of those who are now having to work at home, such as productivity tools for employees and managers and resources for those who have lost their jobs.

Most important to the host company is that people across the country and the globe take consistent, concerted action to Be Safe and protect the safety of others.

The shopping hub is available here:

The was launched as a virtual shopping hub in 2018. It features a diverse range of products from multiple supply sources and is part of Creative Pursuits, Inc., in business over 35 years.

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