Sterile USA LLC, a leader in space biological decontamination, announces today the advanced technology formulated to kill the COVID-19 virus (or “SARS-CoV-2”) and 100% of other viruses, bacteria, and pathogens in all businesses and homes.

MIAMI, FL, April 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Sterile USA LLC, a leader in space biological decontamination, announces today the advanced technology formulated to kill the COVID-19 virus (or “SARS-CoV-2”) and 100% of other viruses, bacteria, and pathogens in all businesses and homes.

The ozone generation technology and hydroxyl generators have been specifically formulated to be effective at killing pathogens like the COVID-19 virus, Molds & Mold Spores, Allergens, Bacteria & Germs, Odors & Dust Mites and Other Contaminates in the interior environment of homes, offices and other large spaces.

Sterile USA is a leading company in Covid-19 property decontamination. While others may dabble in disinfecting, Sterile USA are experts that use patent technology to kill 100% of viruses, bacteria, mold spores and fungi. Your property or home is left 100% sterilized and germ free. This includes the air, vents, furniture, clothing and everything else in the property. Even masks left in the property can be reused. It has been hailed as by scientists and inspectors as the most effective treatment available!

Sterile USA adheres to the United States Centers for Disease Control guidelines, by utilizing patented advanced technologies they provide the most powerful results. The original design of our work started with science and an understanding of why chemical disinfection often fails–It’s simple: inadequate dwell time, the inability to sterilize unreachable areas (under furniture, high areas, vents etc) and toxic residues left on your furniture, bed, mattress, pillows and floors.

This Ozone generation technique and hydroxyl generators are how Sterile USA maintains a pathogen kill zone using ozone sterilized to provide coverage, other methods can’t – reaching cracks, crevices, shadows, and corners without causing saturation.

In this post Covid-19 world, one cannot rely on janitorial staff alone to deal with the clean up and sanitization. The air, vents, furniture and 100% of all property in the business has to be sanitized and decontaminated. This is only possible through this advanced technology, used by Sterile USA.

Things you need to know:

Our technology and equipment is certified by NASA & FDA as ‘Safe for use in occupied hospital rooms’.

It is 100% safe for people and animals to be in the property during the sterilization process.

– Most spaces can be sterilized within one day.
– The property is certified by inspectors and you are given a certificate to place on your property.
– Post Covid-19, people need to feel safe going into homes and business premises and this sterilization process is the only way to make your property 100% safe!

For your business:

– Whether you are a hotel, church, retail store, office, or gym. EVERY business owes it to their employees and customers to decontaminate and sterilize the property and everything in it. Sterilization only take a few hours and everything is sterilized, even the A/C vents, desks, chairs, pens, machinery, furniture and goods for sale.

– Sterilization does not effect AV devises or technology.
– Sterilization does not effect staff and staff can be on the premises and working during the process.
– Sterilization should be performed a few times per year, but post Covid-19 it is a compulsory action to get your business back to normal, make spaces safer for family employees and gain customer confidence. A certificate is given by the inspector on completion to display in your business.

For your homes:

– Sterilization of your home takes a few hours. That includes furniture, mattresses, pillows and cushions, all your clothes and shoes. Everything, event the A/C vents, underneath the couches and staircases. 100% of everything in the property is sterilized and decontaminated.

David Johnson, Sterile USA’s Chief Executive Officer, said, “With the exponential spread of the novel coronavirus, we immediately created a COVID-19 task force. Our mission is to assist all home and businesses to get back to normal and increase traffic with confidence. This can only be done if the property is fully decontaminated and sterilized. Businesses owe it to their employees and customers and families owe it to their loved ones. It should be done regularly in a normal setting, but post Covid-19 it has become a necessity.”

Jason Randolph, President, comments, “We want the general public to feel confident to frequent restaurants and stores, hotels and businesses again and this is a compulsory action to get businesses back to normal again and boost reputation for someone who is being pro-active. We have set up a task force of certified employees and we are taking calls 24 hours to assist. I am so incredibly proud of our team who are working so hard during this tough time we are all facing.”

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