Company expands its services and gets a new name branding itself as a leader in the operations management consulting industry

LOS ANGELES, CA, December 22, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Executive Advantage Virtual, a business consulting and professional support services firm based in Los Angeles, recently announced the relaunch and rebranding of their company to Clarke Executive Services Group LLC (Clarke) (

Clarke’s new branding and services enables the company to stand out among its competition and help established companies reach long-term success. As an operations management consulting, organizational design, and team business services firm supporting daily operational and team needs, Clarke was created to help companies (with revenues of $3 million to $30 million) and invested start-ups that want more business management, efficiently and team productivity solutions from one source.

With its extensive rebranding efforts, Clarke will continue to offer all of their business management and support services while also providing additional services such as HR consulting, executive recruiting, leadership and team training, project management and executive services, corporate-to-remote company transition, and more. Clarke provides a well-trained professional team of specialists to meet the needs of its clients.

As Eunice Joshua Clarke, the founder of Clarke states, “We took this opportunity to not only change our name, but to also provide an extensive range of services that companies can use at every stage of their businesses. Based upon our numerous years in business experience, we saw team and operational challenges and for businesses owners, so we developed solutions that we know can contribute greatly in counteracting the trend of business failure. While we are proud to be among the rapidly-evolving management consulting industry, we are especially pleased to provide services to an often-forgotten and underserved demographic of small- and medium-sized companies that don’t have the resources and big budgets that Fortune 500 companies have to improve and sustain them.”

Clarke’s new brand identity illustrates just how far the company has come. Eunice Clarke saw the great need for giving failing companies a fighting chance to succeed long-term. Clarke has two primary objectives: (1) improving highly-functional and professional teams (either by improving existing teams or adding new teams or team members through Clarke); and (2) the ability to assess, diagnose and create daily operational solutions for bettering systems, infrastructure and processes in a practical, simple, scalable and affordable way by primarily working remotely. Eunice Clarke’s extensive experience as a business owner, manager and leader was instrumental in helping her experience first-hand how business owners made the same mistakes repeatedly. For example, many business owners attempt to lower operational costs by often reducing the amount of team members without assessing each individual’s operational value to their companies, and by not creating and using consistent systems and tools to run their companies more efficiently. By undervaluing daily operational processes and having well-trained, highly-productive teams, businesses fail.

Just how many businesses fail? According to the U.S. Department of Labor, a study that measured over a 10- year period, the number of U.S. businesses that fail each year averages about 20% in the first year, 50% in five years, and by year 10, 34% survives. Clarke’s mission is to increase the number of businesses that lasts long-term and to change the dynamic of undervaluing professional team productivity and daily operational efficiency.

Clarke Teams assess, diagnose, and implement solutions that improve business performance and lower operational costs. And because Clarke helps established small- and mid-sized businesses remotely, their solutions cost a fraction of what most operations management consultant firms charge. Clarke’s unique combination of management consulting and team services in one firm allows for immediate solutions for companies. As operational efficiency is needed in every company, Clarke works with a variety of service industries including real estate, financial services, engineering, architecture, investment banking and entertainment, among others.

For more information about Clarke, go to their website at and learn more. For media interviews, contact Clarke at [email protected].

About Clarke Executive Services Group

Clarke Executive Services Group is an operational management, organizational design, and business team services firm specially created to work with established small- and mid-sized companies that are currently successful but don’t have the infrastructure, organization or fully-efficient team support to get them to the next levels of success.

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