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Whether to Keep a Stock after its Legendary Leader Leaves

CHICAGO, IL, July 01, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — What should you do if the person most associated with the success of the stock in which you own, retires? This question is addressed in detail by advisor and owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( Anthony Rhodes, in a recent post on his How To Invest blog called Chasing Lightning ( “This is a situation that most investors rarely think about, but probably will have to confront at various points during their investing years.” he said. “But although it’s rarely thought of, the ramifications of making the wrong decision can have a considerable impact on the long-term value of their portfolio,” he followed.

The issue becomes front and center due to both the recent run of the stock market, which has caused many employees’ 401(k)’s to swell, and the growing attention and influence that iconic CEO’s are having on our popular culture. More and more Americans are able to recognize the names of these powerful chieftains, and are also readily able to identify the companies in which they represent. With such acknowledgments being given to these executives, what happens to their company’s stock value once they are no longer aligned with the companies in which they symbolize? “There’s no doubt that legendary CEO’s have earned the public attention in which they garner.” said Mr. Rhodes. “But that attention may also prove to be a double-edged sword once the time comes to replace them,” he added. “When the public begins to associate a particular person with a company or brand, it’s difficult to remove that impression, which makes the job of replacing him or her more difficult for their successor.” he concluded. The post outlines genuine scenarios which detail this difficulty, and provides guidance for investors to consider when or if they are ever confronted with this situation.

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The Investor’s Advocate

The Dangers of Emotional Investing

CHICAGO, IL, June 04, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Do you love Facebook, or find yourself enchanted by Apple, Netflix or Google? If so, you are not alone, but you might want to think twice if those feelings are transferred to your investment decisions, according to financial advisor and owner of wealth management firm The Planning Perspective ( Anthony Rhodes, who discusses the dangers of applying our emotional feelings to our investment decisions on his How To Invest blog posting called Love is Blind ( “This is one of the most difficult issues to overcome as an investor.” he stated. “After all, human beings are emotional creatures, so there’s no small wonder that those feelings are sometimes transferred to our investment decisions.” he followed. “But those who do so are playing with fire, because our attachments to those emotions can prohibit us from making the difficult but necessary decisions which come with investing in the stock market.” he concluded.

The post describes examples where investors allowed their feelings about particular stocks to influence their decisions about them, and the unfortunate happenings which transpired as a result. “We’d all like to show loyalty to the companies in which we work by purchasing its stock, but sometimes that commitment can prove disastrous; as it causes us to be blinded by internal decisions which could affect stock value, that may be clearer to see from the outside.” he explained. “I’ve provided an infamous example where such a situation didn’t turn out too well for employees of a once powerful and popular company, which ultimately became a cautionary tale for today’s workers to learn from.” he added.

What about stocks being received through an inheritance? Often times, our emotions can get the better of us in this situation, as well, according to Mr. Rhodes. “The issue of inheritance is particularly difficult, primarily because of the emotional attachment which we may have with the deceased.” he stated. “If they’ve worked their entire life for a certain company, whose stock you’ve later inherited, how exactly should you handle that situation if the stock begins to lose value?” he questioned. This topic is also discussed at length through the post.

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