Co-Founders Bring a Visionary Approach to Modernizing the Industry

NEWTOWN, PA, March 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Spearhead Group today announced it has officially launched its new company to create Physical Brand Enhancements™ for companies looking to strengthen brand identity, inspire customer loyalty, and increase profitability across a variety of product sectors and consumer industries. Headquartered in Bucks County, PA midway between New York City and Philadelphia, The Spearhead Group offers companies a modern, full-service, consultative approach from concept to reality.

As Co-founder and CEO, Heather Fritzsche is responsible for all operational, financial, and marketing aspects of Spearhead in the U.S. and around the world. With a career that spans more than 20 years, Heather has earned numerous distinctions working with some of the world’s best-known brands to reimagine the visual identity for countless products across multiple market sectors.

Heather’s network of trusted suppliers, experts, engineers, and other resource professionals are able to design and deliver functional, production feasible, and cost effective products for Spearhead clients.

“We saw a real need in the industry for an innovative alternative to what has traditionally been done in the packaging industry. As a company, we are all about spearheading new ideas and new ways of doing things, so we like to work with companies who understand and embrace our modern, consultative approach to creating Physical Brand Enhancements that deliver a true ROI,” said Heather Fritzsche, CEO, The Spearhead Group. “We give companies the opportunity to outsource the PBE process to Spearhead industry professionals who have unrivaled relationships with global suppliers, engineers, and others who will deliver an exceptional product.”

As Co-founder and President of The Spearhead Group, Robert Catalano brings more than 25 years of industry experience, with a focus on delivering the best and most innovative solutions the market can supply. In his current role, Robert is responsible for the visionary aspects of Spearhead in the Americas and around the globe, with an emphasis on expanding client, supplier, and team vision with an eye towards market innovation, differentiation, and disruption. Throughout his career, Robert is a proven success at spearheading savvy, integrated, market-changing programs for premier, global brands across numerous market sectors, and is credited with pioneering and trademarking the PBE model.

“Customer demand is changing all the time, and companies are feeling the pressure to keep up with that demand and constantly innovate to keep consumers engaged,” added Robert. “We started Spearhead to deliver something very different than what else is out there right now. Companies see our inherent value as an innovative, agile, small company that is integral to the bigger picture and that can collaborate with them to deliver results. Because of our size, our relationships, our experience, and our visionary leadership, Spearhead can make rapid decisions and execute quickly on projects. We are very competitively priced, and able to offer financing opportunities to businesses that other companies are simply not in a position to do.”

Clients who work with Spearhead benefit from access to its extensive personal network of trusted suppliers, experts, engineers, and other resource professionals who are able to design and deliver functional, production feasible, and cost effective products.

“Spearhead works closely with clients to ensure 100% satisfaction. Heather and I have worked together for more than 20 years, so we have a unique and complementary set of talents, relationships, and vision that are valued by clients, partners and suppliers, around the world,” said Robert. “We welcome the opportunity to work with any company looking to generate sales, increase profitability, and solidify brand loyalty among target audiences.”

“No two clients are looking for the same thing, so we work with closely with each one to ensure all projects can be delivered on time and within budget. It all depends on what you as a business are looking to achieve. We adapt to your business, not the other way around,” added Heather.

The company recently launched a new website, and can be found by visiting

About Physical Brand Enhancements™ (PBE):
The Spearhead Group has trademarked its unique process of creating meaningful and memorable Physical Brand Enhancements™ (PBE) and is therefore uniquely positioned in the industry as the only company to offer this proprietary process for proven success.

Companies choose The Spearhead Group to handle all aspects of the PBE™ process, including: research, design, sourcing, market testing, manufacturing, QA, shipping, co-packing, and ultimately ensuring speed-to-market and ROI.

With the support of its unmatched, cutting-edge global supplier network, Spearhead’s PBE™ process leads to a better shopping experience for consumers and establishes brand loyalty among customers.

About The Spearhead Group
The Spearhead Group collaborates with companies around the globe to create meaningful and effective Physical Brand Enhancements™ that delight consumers and reinforce confidence in purchasing decisions. The company brings more than 45 years of collective experience designing and delivering memorable Physical Brand Enhancements™ that make a lasting impact. To learn more, visit

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