Total Shade Inc., an industry leader with existing patents that reduce heat transfer beyond windows, is set to excite the market again with its latest product launch.

CHICAGO, IL, October 29, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Total Shade Inc. is launching a product that will revolutionize the entire solar industry and will enhance architectural options within skyscraper design and utilization.

Traditional Skyscrapers are some of the world’s most energy-hungry buildings. One tower alone can draw 1,000,000 Kilowatt hours per month.

But what if the building could be fully powered by the sun?

Chicago’s Lake Point Tower has 13,950 windows, each one could be equipped with a Total Shade Solar System. As the sun shines on the building, collectors built in, to every window shade would convert the sun’s rays into electricity. Electricity is then collected through an integrated wire grid and directed to a central control room, creating more than enough power to fully self-operate. Which would make it the world’s first Net-Zero Building.

But let’s think even bigger than that, what If we had a Net-Zero Skyline?

Total Shade Inc. is a leading global provider of the comprehensive photovoltaic (PV) Total Shade Solar System which uses an advanced module and system technology. The Company’s platform will integrate building design and windows deliver an economically attractive alternative to fossil-fuel electricity generation today.

Total Shade Inc. is a privately held company located in Chicago, IL. They have been in operation since 1996 and have installations in the Chicago-land area as well as across the U.S. They are a corporation who specialize in the manufacturing, design, and installation of window treatment systems and are the sole manufacturer of their products.

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