In exciting news, Hydro dipping experts TSAUTOP Hydrographics recently announced they have broken into the European market closing a large deal in Lissoneo, Italy.

HANGZHOU, CHINA, January 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — China-based hydro dipping experts TSAUTOP Hydrographics are doing everything possible to make it possible for small and medium-sized businesses who use the hydro dipping process to be profitable and successful. In exciting news, the company recently celebrated entering the European market with a number of their top-rated Tsautop Hydro Dipping Film Machines being delivered to a very happy client, Acerboni Cubicatura SRLC, in Lissoneo, Italy.

“We are completely enthusiastic about seeing our Hydro Dripping Machines now being used in Europe,” commented a spokesperson from TSAUTOP Hydrographics. “We are able to cover the entire world with our superior, first-class Hydro Dipping Film Machines, and we look forward to exceeding even very high expectations when it comes to our products and our service.”

According to the company, the TSAUTOP Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine is a piece of hydro dipping equipment which is used to fully automatic water transfer print items.

Some highlights of the machine include an Automatic Constant Temperature System, an Automatic Activator Spray System, Automatic Film Flowing System, Automatic Dipping Arm, water circle, and Automatic Filter Film Dust features, to name just a few.

It takes only a single person to run the TSAUTOP Fully Automatic Hydro Dipping Machine to finish hydro dipping, saving on the many costs associated with needing to have extra human labor. This makes the machine wonderfully suited for the medium-sized dipping factory owner, who is trying to optimize profits, while keeping costs low, without sacrificing quality.

Two models are available.

The first is a one key Automatic Model that can continuously complete the whole dipping process including film flowing, activator spraying, dipping with its robot arm and cleaning with a simple push of an auto key button. All sizes and speeds can be set in its PLC.

The second is a Manual Model, where operating the water pump, flow-film system, activator spraying system, and dipping is all done separately. Again, all sizes and speeds can be set in its PLC.

The team from TSAUTOP Hydrographics are always ready to answer any questions or give suggestions to potential clients considering making an offer, sharing their deep expertise and experience in the area their professional products cover.

Paulo Acerbo, owner of Acerboni Cubicatatura SRLC, from Italy, recently said in a five-star review, “This machine can complete one dipping in three minutes, so it is very efficient. One person can operate this machine to finish hydro dipping, so save our human labor cost. Having this machine, my company will get more and more large orders. Fully recommended.”

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