Revolutionary 3D Printed Carbon-Nylon UAS using servo, autopilot and gyro-stabilized EO/IR hardware solutions from UAV Propulsion Tech

TAMPA, FL, November 17, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — UAV Propulsion Tech is supplying Volz servos, DST Control’s OTUS-U135 gyro-stabilized gimbals and MicroPilot’s MP2128LRC2 enclosed autopilots for a new line of 3D Printed Carbon-Nylon Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) developed by Pegasus Aerospace, out of Destin, Florida. Pegasus Aerospace is currently contracted by several companies to design and produce this new line of advanced, 3D-Printed, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance UAS. Pegasus Aerospace successfully flew the first prototype aircraft for the first time in August and one of the systems was on display at the American Society for Industrial Security (ASIS) conference held in Dallas, Texas in September.

These new UAS are designed and produced for each individual clients specific requirements. The entire system development timeline for each customer from design to delivery is 5 to 8 months depending on the complexity and size of each system. Other larger systems are expected to be available soon.

UAV Propulsion Tech is a US company that markets UAV technology from Germany, Canada, Austria, United Kingdom, France, Estonia, US and Sweden. These solutions include consumer off the shelf (COTs) and custom: propulsion, autopilot, servo/actuator, electric turbofans, pneumatic launchers, gyro-stabilized gimbals, fuel/engine sensors and rescue/recovery parachute solutions. These products are proven solutions that are flying on several high end global UAV platforms. New UAV hardware solutions are added every year so UAV Propulsion Tech can be a one stop shop for companies who require advanced UAV hardware and technical support for their products.

Eugen Toma, CEO of Pegasus Aerospace said, “It has been great working with UAV Propulsion Tech on the hardware we needed for our custom 3D-Printed Carbon-Nylon UAS.” Eugen went on to say, “Working with one company that provides multiple hardware solutions improves our development efficiency and necessary product support. We have been very happy with the performance and quality of the hardware, and support provided by UAV Propulsion Tech.” Bob Schmidt, founder and president of UAV Propulsion Tech said, “Working with Pegasus Aerospace on their new ground-breaking 3D printed UAS highlights the benefits of utilizing one company to provide UAV hardware and technical support. We have been adding some of the worlds most advanced UAV technology to UAV Propulsion Tech to be able to provide these solutions to global UAV manufacturers. I am excited about the prospects for this revolutionary 3D-Printed Carbon-Nylon UAS and am confident Pegasus Aerospace is going to get lots of global interest for their 3D-Printed UAS and development services.”

About UAV Propulsion Tech:
UAV Propulsion Tech is a privately held US company that represents several companies from Germany, Austria, Canada, UK, France, Estonia, US and Sweden that provide solutions to the global market. Products include propulsion, servo, autopilot, gyro-stabilized EO/IR gimbals, pneumatic launchers, electric turbofans, fuel level/flow sensors, engine throttle/speed/temp sensors and rescue/recovery parachutes that are being used on several high-end UAV applications. Submersible ROV’s have also been added for underwater exploration along with UAV exploration.

UAV Propulsion Tech Contact: Bob Schmidt, PH: +1 (810) 441-1457, Email: [email protected], Website:

About Pegasus Aerospace:
Pegasus Aerospace is a highly innovative US Company, with years of experience in Structural Design, Avionics Technology, Propulsion Systems, and now a pioneer in the design and manufacture of complete Unmanned Aerial Systems using an entirely new technology of Additive Manufacturing for Airframe Main Systems and Sub Systems. Pegasus Aerospace, does all these at a much faster turnaround time and affordable prices compared to other companies providing similar services.

Pegasus Aerospace Contact: Eugen Toma, PH: +1 (850) 376-0991, Email:
[email protected], Website:

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