The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Weedguide to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to participate in this opportunity.

SAN DIEGO, CA, August 20, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — WGE INC is as software company whose primary business is Weedguide; a vertical search engine and content discovery platform for cannabis. Powered by machine learning and advanced proprietary crawler technology, Weedguide gives cannabis consumers and businesses a simpler and more intuitive way to find information.

Weedguide’s index currently includes millions of articles, videos, products, dispensary locations, recipes and strains across the web, making it the largest resource for finding cannabis content in the world.

The OCMX™ is pleased to announce the listing of Weedguide to its online portal which offers Investors and Advisors the ability to participate in this opportunity.

The OCMX™ has spent considerable time completing its due diligence on Weedguide and concluded that there is indeed a tremendous opportunity for Investors and Advisors.

The OCMX™ noted that Weedguide exhibits the main components of any solid investment opportunity, namely a solid management team, a great track record, and a number of key competitive advantages.


Claudio Cañive, CEO | Founded and funded multiple companies including a content management SAAS company that served the largest media brands in the US and a venture fund in the UK. Strong entrepreneurial drive and leadership skills with an ability to motivate teams to deliver excellent results. Claudio has over 19 years of experience in technology sectors worldwide and is an advisor and co-inventor of numerous patents.

Gaston Gonzalez, CTO | Senior Technical Architect specializing in web content management, enterprise search and full stack architecture. Expertise building search-driven solutions for the automotive, entertainment, technology and life sciences industries.

Gaston has over 11 years of experience in the enterprise search and content management space.

Sarah Dailey, CMO | Expertise in marketing strategy and execution through multiple channels including digital, print, event and social media. Sarah has over 7 years of experience starting and scaling technology companies. She is experienced in iterative user experience and user interface design. Sara has leadership experience with SMBs, non- profit foundations and enterprise companies with a strong focus on brand development, building brand awareness, growing audience and creating engagement.

Eric Petersen, CFO | Experience in cannabusiness community with large cultivation facility for medicinal marijuana and numerous cannabis-driven commercial properties. Eric has over 10 years of experience in the financial sector as a trusted advisor and securities expert. CEO of Atlas Marketing Partners; he has developed and executed successful media campaigns driving global expansion.

Todd DiRoberto, COO | Previously COO of Atlas Marketing Partners; a nationally recognized advertising, public relations and tech solutions agency. Cannabusiness expertise with high yielding dispensaries, laboratories, cultivating facilities, and indoor/ outdoor farms. As CEO of American Satellite, his hands on approach and knowledge of strategic marketing alliances turned the company into the 2nd highest grossing authorized retailer of Dish Network Services worldwide.


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