Investment strategies similar to those used by the Yale Endowment are now being made available to a wider market of qualified investors nationwide.

LAS VEGAS, NV, May 11, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Financial professionals from across the country will descend on Las Vegas for a 3-day workshop May 14 through May 16 to help them grow their businesses by attracting high net-worth investors that—for many advisors and money managers–are hard to come by.

These clients often have very unique needs that when coupled with their expectations of the markets and personal tolerance for risk, particularly when markets are volatile, make it a challenge for advisors to come up with the right strategy to help them pursue their objectives.

Among the panelists who’ll be participating at the event, Vince Annable, President of Wealth Strategies Advisory Group, will be sharing an innovative investment platform that he believes can help other financial professionals attract coveted qualified investors. According to Mr. Annable, The Household Endowment Model®, which he created and owns the trademark for, says the institutional style platform is based on the successful Yale Endowment.

“Back in 2008, 2009—I think everyone remembers that time—I decided it was time to go look for a way to mitigate risk for our clientele and not have that roller coaster ride up-and-down, up-and-down in the market and have everything basically correlated. Mr. Annable continued, “Basically, we’re educating people on the fact that we can take what Yale has done, and apply it to individuals with a few minor tweaks.”

The Yale Endowment is often cited for its use of alternative investments. Those alternative investments, which include correlated and non-correlated public and private asset classes, help to reduce market volatility while at the same time mitigate risk to the investor. Mr. Annable says, “We want to educate clients to make them understand and see how in building out a diversified portfolio with both public and non-public assets, it protects them.”

Vince Annable, who has spoken about The Household Endowment Model® at events across the United States and was a recent guest on “The Michael Wall Show,” is scheduled to speak on day 3 of the workshop, formally called the How to Get the Hard to Get Tactical Symposium, at the South Point Hotel & Casino. Financial professionals can obtain additional information by clicking

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