Author, Executive Mentor, Heather Picken, “Women are raised and programmed to abandon their power—and we must look to leadership to reignite this inherent virtue.”

SEATTLE, WA, August 06, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ —

1. Do you believe women are programmed by others that might be sabotaging their potential?
Women have been conditioned throughout history to serve others. However, today when we take action and remain relentless in our pursuits, we are often seen as being too aggressive.  It’s starting to change but we still have a ways to go.  My mission is to show women how to shine instead of retreat and to end second-guessing their potential. Upbringing from family and society has everything to do with how women have been holding themselves back from reaching their highest potential.

2. You focus on the basic core of self- image—that success must start in the mind— is this self-image often limited by one’s own perception?
Your perception of how you see yourself  sends a message to your unconscious mind.  Your unconscious mind is the driving force for everything that you want to create in your life. That’s why it’s critical to change the self-image first in order to create the life you desire. Failure to change the internal program will result in self-sabotage. We use the architecture of the neurosciences to help guide women to overcome these obstacles.

3. Can you elaborate on “giving power away”?
When women are not living their life by their highest personal values they will inject other people’s opinions or priorities. In doing this, it makes them feel unworthy, overwhelmed, and resentful because they are not doing what they feel is aligned with themselves. That’s why it’s critical to uncover one’s top three values and be able to live by them.

4. There is a saying that you attract what you are not what you want. You say that once there is clarity on this vision, you attract the right resources and people…yes?
Your brain is like a GPS system guiding you to live by your unique formula and failure to get clear is a recipe for attracting chaos and confusion.  That’s why it’s critical to get crystal clear and refine your vision. The clearer you are in your vision the faster can create what you desire in any area of your life.

5. You often refer to your own confusion and search for happiness as a mirror of what other women must experience—what holds one back from tapping into that exploration?
Many times women hold onto fear and don’t dive deeper into what could bring them true fulfillment in their life. Some of these fears include the need for approval, fear of losing a loved one, fear of not feeling smart enough, and fear of not having health and vitality.  Fear can be a powerful force to look at one’s life and help clarify what’s most important. Having overcome the challenges of dyslexia, anorexia nervosa, and suicidal thoughts, these are real conditions that are important to expose and discuss.

6. For those women who have experienced some success or achievement and find themselves unable to move to that next level—what are the obstacles that often create frustrating detours?
Detours are a necessary and inevitable part of going to the next level. Some of the obstacles women face might be confronting men in power which can be a spouse, partner, or even father.  Women often want seek the approval of others so it makes it harder when breaking through to the next level.  That’s why it’s important for a woman to see her value in going to the next level. When she sees her value it allows her to breakthrough the barriers that have been unconsciously holding her back from taking action.

7. You place a spotlight on “values”, is this a process of learning, processing and implementation?
Determining your highest personal values is simply understanding what’s most important to you and identifying your uniqueness. By asking specific questions of what is being currently demonstrated in your life you’ll uncover exactly what they are.

8. You place a high value on the “individual”, that no two people can mirror the other—are women confused in understanding this meaning and they try to be someone others want or they emulate someone famous and try to duplicate those values?
No two people on the planet have the same way they view the world and that’s why understanding your unique formula is the secret to living a fulfilling life.  When you try to live your life for others or compare yourself to other people, including someone famous, if it’s not aligned with your highest values, then you’ll start second-guessing yourself, decreasing your self-worth, and never reach your highest potential.

9. You quote the author, J.K. Rowling of the Harry Potter movement about finding “rock bottom” before finding her purpose—her direction—is this often the case for women?
When you’re not following your unique formula-your highest personal values, then yes, you will create situations that can take you to a breaking point.  These challenges are necessary for women to start taking a stand for themselves.  We can also learn through other powerful women that hitting rock bottom doesn’t mean the end, it just means there’s a better direction that is calling us and we need to start paying attention.

10. Your gratitude formula is about recognizing your inherent gifts—is this a strong part of the formula of finding success?
Stress changes the brain which can impact cognitive function so having a daily practice of gratitude for being present and loving who you are in the moment not only expands your brain but allows you tap into your true self and generate inspired ideas.

11. Premonition. You have experienced this where our minds tell us something prior to an actual event or action—is it a gut feeling—a sixth sense—that inner voice—do we ignore this or is it that we aren’t conditioned to recognize this magnificent gift?
Anyone can tap into their intuition and most people ignore it.  The key is determining how to listen to it.  When you’re following your highest personal values you can easily trust it and follow what to do or not to do. It’s just like a muscle that you’re working out. You must be able to strengthen the connection by not only listening but taking action and measure your results. You’re body also sends you to feedback consistently by being able to listen to it, will help you increase your connection to your intuition.

12. You are an entrepreneur at heart and recently have announced you are launching Fierce Femme Wines this fall—Is this connected to your core coaching and mentorship?
What I love about the history of wine, be it one’s historical or biblical interest, it has always been to share an event, to celebrate or to inspire conversation. We must communicate, no matter how far apart our differences, connecting with one another is the beginning of success. My plans are to launch a 10 city tour for Fierce Femme, a “Girls Night Out for Entrepreneurs”, to allow an open dialogue workshop to provide women with tools to take their careers and businesses to the next level. It’s an exciting time.

As a workshop leader and one-to-one mentor, the obstacles women encounter are based on the architecture on how women are raised—society sets up their limits, dictates how much they could achieve and dictates them with a set of goals decided for them by others. Heather is dedicated to change that primitive thinking and open a woman’s mind to imagine what she once thought was impossible.

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