Halloween is around the corner & trick-or-treat enthusiasts are using the whole of October to set the scene for the scary day. We have chosen a selection of 12 family-friendly films to watch this month in preparation for the fun-and-fear-filled night

HOUSTON, TX, October 29, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Halloween is around the corner and trick-or-treat enthusiasts are using the whole of October to set the scene for the scary day. We have chosen a selection of 12 family-friendly films to watch this month in preparation for the fun-and-fear-filled night!

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Now that your health is taken care of this Halloween; sit back, relax, and watch our top 12 recommended movies to set the mood this month.

1. The Adams Family
This old-school film is a fan favorite about an odd yet close-knit family that tries to determine if the newest addition to their home is their long-lost uncle Fester or an imposter with ulterior motives. If this film is enjoyed, check out Adams Family Values for a sequel of silly and scary fun. Suitable for ages 13+.

2. The Nightmare Before Christmas
Created by the infamous Tim Burton, this cult classic follows Jack Skellington (the socialite of Halloween land) as he discovers the magic and misadventure of another popular holiday. Suitable for ages 7+.

3. Corpse Bride
Another Tim Burton film, Corpse Bride is an Oscar-nominated movie of love and mystery that follows Hectar’s accidental marriage to a delightful yet dead woman. Suitable for ages 10+.

4. Goose Bumps
Based on the books by R.L. Stine, this modern rendition stars Jack Black as the renowned writer of the Goosebumps series and neighbor to a new family. When the monsters that inspired the books are unleashed, it’s up to a small yet brave group to bring them back. Suitable for ages 9+.

5. Monsters Inc.
This fan favorite follows 2 monsters as they navigate the business of scaring children and try to return a lost child back home. A fun and heart-warming film, suitable for ages 5+.

6. Ghost Busters
Another classic, Ghost Busters is the tale of a group of hilarious heroes as they go through the trials and tribulations of saving the world from all things paranormal. There was also an all ladies reboot recently released. Both movies are suitable for ages 11+.

7. The Haunted Mansion
The Haunted Mansion is a story about a family that gets caught in a ghost story. With the funny addition of Eddie Murphy, this movie will bring chuckles and chills your way. Suitable for ages 8+.

8. Coraline
Tim Burton does it again with the adaption of a 2002 children’s book. Coraline is a story about a young girl that discovers the secrets and scary outcomes of finding a parallel universe. Suitable for ages 8+.

9. Monsters vs. Aliens
A hilarious film about unlikely heroes that serve as the last line of defense against an alien invasion. This movie will bring giggles to children and adults alike. Suitable for ages 7+.

10. The Little Vampire
An old-school movie that is bound to bring nostalgic delight, the Little Vampire is a tale of friendly vampires that find help in an unsuspecting little hero. Suitable for ages 8+.

11. Hotel Transylvania
When a resort for monsters, which is run by Dracula (voiced by Adam Sandler), is found by a human – things are bound to get messy! This movie is not only filled with heartwarming drama but is bulging with belly laughs. Suitable for ages 7+.

12. Beetlejuice
And finally, another cult classic created by the emperor of eerie; Tim Burton. This story follows a dead couple’s efforts of hiring a ghoulish ghost just to get rid of the house’s new living tenants. Suitable for ages 13+.

So there you have it, our top 12 family-friendly films that are perfect to bring out the fun this Halloween. With the popcorn ready and blankets at hand, it is time to settle down into some perfectly spooky scenes this scary season!

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