Veteran actor, Carl Gilliard develops six-episode series starring Carl Gilliard, LaTonya Black Gilliard, as well as appearances from a host of notables, including Kym Whitley, Bill Duke, Kellita Smith, Michael Beach, and Wendy Raquel Robinson.

LOS ANGELES, CA, May 06, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Chances are, you have seen him many times before. He is someone who everyone knows, and yet may not know his name. Here’s a few helpful hints:

• He was the taxi driver that picked up Rachel McAdams in Red Eye.
• He was the store clerk in the heartwarming movie, Coach Carter starring Samuel Jackson.
• He was even a lobby con in the massive hit Inception, where he acted alongside Leonardo DiCaprio.

Anyone who fell in love with hit TV shows such as 24, Vampire Wars, The Man In 3B, Greys Anatomy, or even Amazon’s The Last Tycoon have also seen his face. He is the quintessential “that guy”!

Without a doubt, you will recognize that baritone voice when he speaks; and his chiseled face when he appears. Now, you will know his name – Carl Rousseau Gilliard.

Acting professionally since he left Michigan State University in 1981, his story is not unlike many actors who make a living acting in small roles in huge movies, or TV shows, and commercials. Carl is widely known; however, he is far from being FAMOUS. At the age of 62, Carl took a leap of faith and produced a six-episode series, loosely based on his personal story. TWO DEGREES: The Series provides viewers with an inside look as it plunges into the comical life of an actor who’s been on the ‘come up’ for several decades. His social media musings, multiple marriages, and public persona have long been known to many in BLACK HOLLYWOOD. The theme of the series: “What’s your connection to Carl Gilliard?” — likely, only TWO DEGREES of separation.

According to Gilliard, “The idea had germinated for many years and serendipitously came together over a series of events. In fact, I met my business partner, Don Fullilove (film and voice actor) through a mutual friend. During an evening out, Don mentioned that he had a camera and sound equipment and asked if I wanted to do a project. My wife, LaTonya overheard him and convinced me to write the series.” To highlight the nature of this unique project, it was funded with $7,000 through a GoFundMe campaign.

The series is comprised of six 15-minute shorts that were shot in 6 days on consecutive weekends from January 11 through February 29th. The series stars Carl Gilliard in the leading role, LaTonya Black Gilliard, as well as appearances from a host of notables, including Kym Whitley, Bill Duke, Tony Winters, Kellita Smith, Michael Beach, and Wendy Raquel Robinson.

Gilliard and Fullilove, both over 60 years of age, are shining examples of how a small unfettered idea can blossom. As Gilliard explains in the first episode, “It took me nearly 30 years to realize that the best way to get my own series was to produce the damn thing myself!”

Episode 1; Episode 2; Episode 3

Tune in to Episode 4 on Monday, May 11th at 7:00 PM PST through Youtube or Facebook Live

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About Carl Gilliard
Carl Gilliard hails from Chicago/Detroit and is a veteran actor, director, marketer and producer. As an actor, Carl has appeared in dozens of theatrical plays mesmerizing audiences with his trademark baritone voice and fearless character portrayals. “INCEPTION”,” COACH CARTER”, “RED EYE”, “CONTAC”T, “HOUSE M.D “& “24” are just a few of Carl’s notable film and television appearances. Through Carl’s various experiences in film, television & theater, he is quickly forging his niche as a Producer with keen discernment for developing and discovering new screenplays by new and exciting writers. He produced the Pan African Audience Award winning feature, “Retiring Tatiana”, and “Section 8” (he also directed), “Applause For Miss E” & “Peaches”…all of which are available on DVD, the play “Steel Magnolias”, Dr. Gloria Morrow’s “The Things That Make Men Cry”, the 2014 NAACP Theater Festival and has consulted on numerous feature films and shorts.

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