Dr. Holstein, a psychologist/filmmaker and originator of a unique Selfie Film concept, writes award-winning books, plays and produces short films that offer solutions to problems that impact today’s teens and tweens

WILMINGTON, NC, November 09, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Selfies and social media have become firmly embedded into the very core of the lives of young people. This revolutionary form of digital communication has become so popular that some established filmmakers are creating films shot entirely on cell phones. While many of us may see this as merely a modern style of communication or a cutting edge form of entertainment, Positive Psychologist Barbara Becker Holstein uses the concept in a way that has never before been done and possibly cannot be duplicated.

Selfies as therapy.

Traditional media is paying attention to these trends, as evidenced by recent articles in the New York Times, such as ‘This is 18’ and ‘Writing in a Journal Can Help’. Holstein takes things to a whole new level however by utilizing this form of communication to present critical information and profound concepts that can transform the lives of young people.

“As a psychologist, I know the purging or ranting of thoughts and feelings, whether speaking to a friend, talking to a therapist, talking to yourself in the car, writing a letter to a deceased relative or keeping a diary, are usually beneficial,” Dr. Holstein stated. “It helps us to get rid of excess emotions and worries that interrupt living.”

“The question is: how do we do this in ways that fit our current society? Certainly shooting others because of feelings of rage is not a solution. On the other end of the spectrum, keeping a journal can help. But let’s not forget what sits in most of our pockets in today’s world – the smart phone. What can we do with it? Play games, read the news, chat, watch films, buy a new pair of shoes or a refrigerator. And we can make a Selfie. Believe it or not, there is a lot of power in that.”

“What is ‘The Selfie Project’? It is encouraging kids, tweens and teens to express themselves with Selfies, whether to vent and share feeling and concerns about their lives, our culture, etc,. or to make art in the form of filmmaking. I see Selfies as a form of therapy as well as a form of art with real merit.”

“In my project kids are encouraged to talk via a Selfie about a topic on their minds. They come together with me and other experts on my Podcast show, ‘The Enchanted Self presents the Selfie Project’. We discuss, share, come up with ideas, etc. Thus Selfies become one more means of creating a therapeutic environment.”

“I also make Selfie films that star kids, tweens and teens. A Selfie film has at least one actor filming her own scenes, which is then merged with other scenes done with a standard crew or smart phones. The intensity of a teen filming herself is amazing. This type of drama can be utilized for pure art or as a means of helping parents, teachers and the rest of the world understand what kids are going through.”

“As for filmmaking itself, Selfies and smart phones together are changing the industry. Smart phones can allow anyone to make a successful film. My latest Podcast show, ‘ESP Presents Creating Great Films with Smart Phones, included Robert Fitzhugh, founder of the Dublin Smart Phone Film Festival, via Skype; Hiram Ortiz, teacher at Pineland Schools, Co-Director of Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival in Asbury Park; aAntonio DeLeon, high school student from Massachusetts who made a Selfie about School Drama and also joined us via Skype. The discussion covered #Selfiesasdrama, #Selfiesasfilm, #Smartphonesasfilm, #Selfiesastherapy and #SelfieFilmmakers.”

“All of the above are important as we as a society constantly need to explore how we can use technology for positive purposes. Finding ways to use what we all carry in our pockets to teach, encourage, express our needs, thoughts and feelings, have fun, create film as an art from and as an educational tool, and to improve mental health, all of the above is what is on my mind as a psychologist/filmmaker! I invite everyone to join me on this creative, exciting adventure.”

Dr. Holstein is currently developing “The Selfie Project” to help kids share their feelings and thoughts in a meaningful way via Selfies that can reach millions. “The Selfie Project” provides a way for young people to go public on a number of subjects. Bullying is real, school violence is real, drama because of social media is real for kids. ‘The Selfie Project’ is giving voice to those subjects. A pilot TV show is in the development phase. Teens will have a chance to discuss via their Selfies and in discussion with Dr. Holstein, various topics that affect their lives, from friend drama to fear of assault weapons. As of this moment, teens can share a link to their Selfies and Dr. Holstein will consider them for inclusion on her website, SelfieFilmmakers.com.

Holstein’s short films have won numerous awards and accolades.

The Truth A Short Film:

Garden State Film Festival Premier – Best Pop Song 2016
Golden Door Int. Film Festival – Official Selection – September 2016
Grove Film Festival – Showing – May 2017
Female Filmmakers Film Festival – Official Selection – 12th of 92 films
Roselle Park Shorts Film Festival – Official Selection – September 2017

The Truth A Short Short Film:

FilmOneFest Premier – July 2016
Chain Film Festival – Official Selection – August 2016
Jersey City Int. Television and Film Festival – Official Selection – November 2016
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival – Official Selection- May 2017

Secrets A Coming Of Age Selfie Film:

Alice Guy-Blache Women In Cinema Award – Nomination – October 2017, Golden Globe International Film Festival
NewFilmmakers, Manhattan- Official Selection, January 24, 2018
Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest Film Series – Best Experimental Film nomination – March 2018
Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest Film Series – Best New Jersey Short nomination – March 2018
Brightside Tavern Shorts Fest Film Series – Best Concept nomination – March 2018
Hang on To Your Shorts, Official Selection – April 2018, Nominated for Best New Jersey Drama and Best Experimental Film
Shown March 1 1018 as one of 6 outstanding women’s films at the Behane Center in Jersey City, for Women’s History Month by Golden Door International Film Festival.
Brightside Tavern Film Festival, Season 7 – Best Experimental Film – March 2018
Jersey Shore Film Festival – Best Educational Film – August 2018

Falling In Love A Coming Of Age Selfie Film:

Brightside Tavern Film Festival-March 2017- Best Experimental Film Nomination, Second Place Award as Best New Jersey Film Short
Grove Film Festival, Official Selection-May 2017
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival – Best Experimental Film nomination – May 2017
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival – Best Concept Film nomination – May 2017
Hang On To Your Shorts Film Festival – Megan Brown Rising Star Award – May 2017
Love Shorts Film Festival – Official Selection – February 2018


Official selection to premiere at the New Jersey International Film Festival at Rutgers University on June 9th, 2018
Semi-finalist in the JELLY Fest Film Festival, June, 2018
Official Selection Golden Door International Film Festival – September 2018

Official Selection for the Brightside Tavern Film Festival in early August, 2018

Official selection at the One Minute Film Fest, Teaneck, New Jersey, September 8, 2018

‘Secrets’ was selected for inclusion in “Passages: Women in Transition,” Women In Media – Newark’s 2018 Women’s History Month film festival, held on March 27 – April 5, 2018 at Rutgers University Newark, New Jersey, and at various satellite venues in the area.

‘Falling in Love, A Coming of Age, Selfie Film, is detailed in a new ebook: ‘A Selfie Film – Falling In Love’ by Dr. Holstein. This ebook presents issues and stories behind the creation of Dr. Holstein’s “selfie films”, which utilize cutting edge New Media technology. Topics and questions for discussion can be used by a parent and a child, or a group of hundreds as universal subjects of growing up and handling tough issues are presented.

Many of Dr. Holstein films are available at Cinecosmos at https://cinecosmos.vhx.tv/products.

Dr. Holstein makes a number of her books and films available to be used as fundraising tools. She requests that any verified charitable organization interested in raising funds contact her via email. She is available for media interviews and can be reached using the information below or by email at [email protected]. More information is available at her website at http://www.SelfieFilmmakers.com.

Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, internationally known Positive Psychologist is the creator of The Enchanted Self ®, a positive psychology method for happiness and a pioneer in Selfies as Film. Dr. Holstein’s Enchanted Self website was included as one of the best websites in positive psychology. She is in private practice in Long Branch, New Jersey with her husband, Dr. Russell M. Holstein.

Dr. Barbara can be found on the web, interviewed, writing articles and posting video ‘TED’ style talks on Happiness, Positive Psychology, Relationships and Parenting.

She has been a contributor to Your Tango, Heart and Soul, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Redbook, Real Simple, The Wall Street Journal, Time on line, the Today Show and Family Circle Magazine.

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