Buff Studio, that Received 5 million Investment from NCSOFT, Launched ‘FINGER DART’

ANYANG, KOREA, July 19, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The Buff Studio, that has got popular by launching a game called ‘BUFF KNIGHT, launched an innovative game once again in the summer of 2017.

‘FINGER DART’, developed by Megatomic Studio and published by Buff Studio, launched on July 17th and is distributed for free currently.

‘Finger Dart’ provides easy interface to the existing darts manias. It aims for the casual darts game that did not exist before and provides easy accessibility to the game users by touch and pull intuitive interface.

In addition, by targeting the global market, it has been launched in 13 languages including Korean and English, which enables competing with each country’s game users and also each other’s rank is possible to compare as well. This game is suitable when betting lightly with friends or doing a competition with oversea friends that cannot be met directly. As it is a sports game that allows real time battle, it is expected to get many people’s attractions.

There are many interesting and fun things hiding all over the ‘Finger Dart’. It is composed of fortune game, time attack challenge, and survival challenge including Easter egg. It’s simple interface, but this game is a casual dart game that is added with hidden funs.

It has 250 stages, which enables various challenges and the game can be enjoyed according to the situation, preference and taste of the users as it is composed of battle mode, stage mode and challenge mode. Moreover, if the user wants, the game conditions can be made more advantageous by purchasing various darts and equipment’s.

The CEO Kim Do-Hyung of Buff Studio said, “‘Finger Dart’ that has been prepared with devotion for more than 1 year is a sports game that can be proudly presented” and added, “I hope many people to experience and enjoy this game.”

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