Fernanda Schein is the exact definition of what hardworking filmmaking is made of.

LOS ANGELES, CA, March 05, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Film editor, Fernanda Schein, believes that a movie is written three times: on a script, on set, and in the editing room. Her purpose is always to find the best way to tell a story, whether it’s a film, documentary, or digital advertisement. With her incredible work ethic and collaborative integrity, you can see why her projects come out thought-provoking, beautiful, and purpose-driven. Fernanda is the exact definition of what hardworking filmmaking is made of.

Fernanda Schein has a Bachelor of Arts in Marketing & Advertising from ESPM University in Brazil and a Masters of Arts in Film & Media from the New York Film Academy in Los Angeles, Ca. She currently resides in Los Angeles, where she continues to live out her dream of becoming the next major network TV film editor. She’s most notably worked with Benson Lee on his K-Pop documentary feature, “Seoul Searching.” The Chinese feature film Prime Angel, which she brilliantly edited in Chinese. And most recently, Obsidian Dolls with director Michael Carnick, which is set to be released in early 2020. Fernanda also uses her skill set in the marketing and advertising scope. Most recently, she has worked for Flex Fits, a company that sells sustainable period products that reduce our carbon footprint as well as those dreaded female menstrual cramps.

“I love projects like this. I enjoy female empowered environments. I can wake up every morning and feel good about the work that I am doing, knowing that I am going to help make a difference in a woman’s life for the better. Also, it’s eco-friendly, which is something I stand behind.”

Aside from her impressive accolades, though, you will find a humble and hardworking Brazilian born woman, who loves collaborating with other creatives. Whether she’s freelancing or working a full-time gig in advertising, Fernanda has found her true purpose in life, film-editing. You can reach Fernanda by visiting her website at https://fernandaschein.com/.

Fernanda Schein is a passionate filmmaker, a challenge seeker & and a continual optimistic.

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