is a new, interesting, and amazing resource for anyone interested in new knowledge.

KYIV, UKRAINE, May 18, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Trivia’s Interesting Facts

In the age of trivia games, interesting facts are everywhere. Now you can find interesting facts all in one place at the newly expanded With input from contributors around the world, this web site presents amazing facts from every niche. You can find facts on almost every topic including, natural resources, travel, animals, food music and so much more.

Unlike other fact web sites,, doesn’t just present a click through list, but offers full stories explaining and detailing the highlighted facts. In each full-length article about a subject of amazing facts, the reader will also find interesting tips highlighted for practical application. As an example, in an article, 10 Interesting Facts About Cats, a highlighted tip reads, ‘It is important to periodically cut the cat’s claws’, an important reminder for cat owners.

Interesting facts are subject specific, while fun amazing facts may be included together in topics such as, ‘Random Fun Facts that May Surprise You’. When you play your next trivia game and the question is, how much does a hummingbird weigh, readers of, will know that a hummingbird can weigh less than a penny.

Unlike other click bait web sites that present 10 best lists, delves into a subject with a complete article, custom infographics and amazing facts. Curated facts from around the world are condensed and presented in concise format all on one page. There is no need to click through ten pages to get ten basic facts, at, you can get 100 facts in one article, such as the article, ‘100 Amazing and Interesting Facts About a Human’. This article not only presents 100 facts about human beings, it does it with 2 customized infographics for quick visual recognition and a more detailed list of 100 pertinent details.

From historical facts to random fun facts, is constantly adding new topics to keep readers interested and learning. For topic specific readers, the choices include astronomy, history, geography, and facts about current news. With additional information constantly being researched and gathered, this growing web site is your go to spot for trivia knowledge and interesting facts.

If you have a yearning to learn, are a trivia buff, love amazing facts or just want to read news that isn’t so tragic, visit, an information site presented in a new clean, crisp presentation style with all the facts of a subject listed on one page. Don’t waste time clicking from page to page for a one sentence summary, at you can spend your time learning interesting facts.

A new feature that is being expanded is video to correspond with stories of amazing facts. Adding video, on a facts web site is a novel approach to help readers retain information and experience the interesting facts in a comprehensive fashion. Videos add to the overall experience of exploring facts in a multimedia presentation. is a new, interesting, and amazing resource for anyone interested in adding to their knowledge. As a never-ending supply of fun filled facts, amazing facts, educational facts, and interesting facts, a visit to this newly revamped and expanding site is a must. For personal knowledge or to store up knowledge for the new wave of trivia games that have become popularized by cash prizes, this Site is your go to Web Address for facts presented in an easy to navigate complete multi-media presentation.

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