In the novella “The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society” find out how nine children win the chance of a lifetime to be the chosen ones. PUB DATE: JAN 28TH 2020.

VANCOUVER, BC, January 23, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — We lost a friend. We know the feeling. We understand the implications and that we can’t change the situation. We need to accept and move on.

Exactly opposite turn of events take place in this novella. Kids have always been unpredictable. One couldn’t imagine what they would come up with next.

Children’s hearts are pure and the bond between them is unshakable. If they had an opportunity to revive their friend, they would go to any lengths to save him.

A king and his nine learned me were the only thing missing from the puzzle.

Emperor Ashoka was a great Indian ruler. He achieved a lot in his life. Yet, the greatest gift given to the world by him is the ultimate secret veiled before our eyes. Books of power to travel in time, go to space or even have a friendly discussion with an alien race were hidden in plain sight.

Only the worthy would be able to use it for the right purpose.

The World’s Oldest, Most Powerful Secret Society (2AM CAN-INDIAN PUBLISHER, ISBN: 978-1-9990906-0-9, $15.95) is the adventure story of ten children going on a perilous journey filled with magic and teen-love, to bring back the dead and set things right again.

About the Author:

Anand A. Mohan is a sought-after and budding author based out of Vancouver, Canada. He ingests Fiction and Non-Fiction alike. He has many favorites growing up like the adventure series of Willard Price, the Harry Potter series and The Lord of the Rings collections. Visit to get more information.

To arrange an interview with the author, or to request a review copy, contact Badri Narayan at 2AM CAN-INDIAN PUBLISHER – [email protected], (778) 522‐2707.

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