FUSION: World’s First Wireless + DJ Headphones

HONG KONG, September 10, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — As an original brand manufacturer that specializes in designing and developing ultra-high quality headphones, we aim to create a wireless professional DJ headphone for DJs and music lovers.

Once we reach our goal, we will successfully complete these DJ + Wireless headphones, multifunctional, faster, and better.

By September 10th, we hope to launch our crowdfunding project on Indiegogo platform. We are working on the functional verification of our product as DJ headphones are usually wired, but ours are wired and wireless. We came up with an ingenious design on dual-duty cable, which allows free conversions between 3.5mm and 6.3mm jacks. Also, we addressed the pain point of DJ headphones needing adapters by achieving the feature of adapter-free.

Starting in September, once we have launched our project, we will continue with our work at the factory to proceed with reliability tests of the headphones’ performance and structure. The difficulty lies in equipping the professional DJ headphones with ultra-high sound quality, making them wireless, and having the feature of adapter-free for the two jack port types – all at the same time.

Currently, we have designed the product’s appearance, structure, and electronic components. The next steps include carrying out mass production and conducting a frequent market analysis to ensure the stability of the product. After the project is completed, these DJ+Wireless headphones will be available at the most strategic price and in the shortest time. This requires a certain amount of money, so we gently ask for your support to continue this project. Any donation will bring us closer to our goal. You can back us now at https://igg.me/at/oneaudio-fusion.

OneAudio has the most professional R&D team in the industry, with 10 years of experience. Thus, we believe we have the expertise needed to accomplish this crowdfunding project. For further information, please visit our website www.oneaudio.shop or send us an email to [email protected].

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