“Segfault” received a standing ovation and rave reviews from film critics and industry insiders after screening on Sunday.

TORONTO, ON, September 12, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The independent thriller film “Segfault” successfully crashed the party after its premiere during Canada’s prestigious Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) on Sunday. Segfault, written, produced, and directed by filmmaker Robert Paschall Jr., is an experimental science fiction thriller that takes the viewer on a seat-gripping journey to uncover Blair’s (Shannon Lucio) secretive and lost identity. This highly talked about film was shot entirely in one day without a script, which forced Lucio to improvise take by take.

Industry insiders, distributors, film critics, and cast attended The Thompson Hotel Screening Room to see Paschall Jr.’s new concept during TIFF. After the viewing, “Segfault” received a standing ovation and immediate rave reviews. The film had left viewers with thought-provoking questions, leading many desirous to have one on one time with the cast. Following the successful screening, Lucio and Paschall Jr. participated in a live Q & A.

Not only did Lucio’s character struggle with her lost identity, the lack of script meant Lucio did as well, making every scene a heightened level of real. While not the biggest film to screen during TIFF, the unique concept and execution might have been the most talked about. Thanks to an aggressive guerilla marketing campaign, word about the high concept film quickly spread throughout the festival.

Renowned Canadian filmmaker Atom Egoyan said the concept was something that he had long wanted to explore at the Annual Chaz Ebert Filmmaker’s Brunch at TIFF, adding that the concept of “Segfault” is “the bravest thing a filmmaker could do.”

“Revolutionary, a ground breaking new era in filmmaking has arrived. You’ll remember the day you saw “Segfault!” – Mark S. Allen from ABC 10

“[“Segfault”] stands out as one of those great and daring undertakings in the lifespan of the big screen. Highly recommended as a film lover.” – BuzzFeed

“This film has a few aspects that make it a game changer. . . This is a different way to build stories and create characters and Segfault did a fantastic job.” – Huffington Post

The film’s producers are currently evaluating multiple distribution offers.

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