The new album is a labor of love for singer/songwriter Stevie Pre

LOS ANGELES, CA, August 30, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Stevie Pre’s new album, “New Jerusalem I Apologize for Last Efforts” has been a long time coming, after 20,000 hours of experiments gone wrong, he started to find his own voice. In the end, his dedication paid off, and led to his fully realized vision for his masterwork. Listeners will no doubt think his efforts have paid off as they listen to the dreamy, laid back tracks.

“New Jerusalem I Apologize For My Last Efforts” is a testament to what happens when an artist takes full control of the creative process and sees it through conception to completion. Stevie labored over every second of the album, the production, singing, beats, scratches, mixing and mastering were entirely his work.

“I thought taking the mad scientist approach of long hours would work, but I needed to get my life together and live more. Then started to cook from that balanced angle,” says Stevie when asked about his creative process.

Stevie is able to conceive of and execute full albums from a lifetime steeped in music. Not only does he have the technical skills to play music from his high school days of playing guitar in a hardcore band and his beat making days in college; he is also well versed in the ins and outs of the music industry from his days in the hip hop group Babbletron. With this new stage of his career, Stevie rolls all of his talents, professional knowledge and life experience into his work.

In addition to his work on “New Jerusalem I Apologize for Last Efforts”, Stevie has racked up some notable accomplishments. He re-released a collection of beats he made 20 years ago on hardware to cassette tape, “These Old Beat Tapes”. Stevie also maintains a busy performance schedule taking the stage with Beat Life collective in Asheville, North Carolina. And listeners of popular NPR podcast “This American Life” will have heard Stevie’s work as his beats have been commissioned for the show.

About Stevie Pre

Stevie Pre is a singer/songwriter/producer from New Jersey. His career has spanned many genres and styles of music, all of which he has approached with an open ear. In high school, he played guitar for a hardcore band. In college, he found beat making, and built his skills as a battle DJ and turntablist. Next, he used his skills to propel the underground hip hop group Babbletron to prominence. In 2005, he left Babbletron to focus on his solo career. Synthesizing all his music into one sound has led to Stevie Pre’s signature blend of American music. His latest album, “New Jerusalem I Apologize For My Last Efforts” is set for release in October. Follow Stevie Pre on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, or got to

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