Slibstream dot com have launched the What Happened On The Internet Today Slibstream Channel also known as the WHOTIT Slibstream Channel.

LONDON, ENGLAND, May 10, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Slibstream are possibly the first content delivery company to stream true web page content in photo form using their unique Slibstream photo frame platform.

The WHOTIT Slibstream streams five popular Internet sources to give the viewer a quick digest and overview of what happened on the internet today. The webpage sources have been specially selected because they all show various social, video and news content that has trended on the internet within the past 24 hours. The WHOTIT Slibstream Channel is the newest and most popular Slibstream Channel currently airing. The What Happened On The Internet Today Slibstream Channel is free to watch here.

“We are excited to launch the WHOTIT Slibstream Channel. We’re changing the future of content delivery.” – Ben Llewellyn, CEO of

Slibstream Channels play in web browsers on smart phones, tablets and laptops without requiring a software download or app install. They update throughout the day and they are lightweight and fast to load content.

According to research and development – streaming content in photo form allows content to render quicker on mobile devices than in web page form on their platform. Streaming content as photos empowers the Slibstream platform to deliver one internet web page source per second to mobile 3G connected devices and up to five total sources play from start to finish in just five seconds. A high-quality web page with lots of page photos may be around 3MB+ in CSS and HTML form but this is significantly reduced to around 300kb (10% the gross file size) in photo form. The reduced file size empowers Slibstream to broadcast content quicker than if the web page was transmitted in HTML and CSS form.

Slibstream are planning to release more channels before the end of the year. The complete Slibstream Channel list is available on their website

Slibstream – “Never miss a perfect photo frame moment ever again”. Creators of the Instagram digital photo frame platform based in London, United Kingdom. For press enquiries please contact [email protected].

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