Not everyone has heard the name News Ledge, but two brothers in Gadsden, AL aim to change that in the coming months.

GADSDEN, AL, August 19, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Within the WordPress ecosystem alone, it’s estimated that over 87 million blog posts are added each month which accounts for billions of pageviews each month. Most never see the light of day outside of a few visitors.

Two brothers, Marcus and Alex Chavers, have set out to change the perception that smaller publications can not succeed against the venture-capital backed, free-for-all spending world of major publishers. There isn’t a dedicated marketing staff. No team of writers. Both agree that it’s a ‘choose your battle’ in the publishing space. “We can’t cover everything, so we don’t pretend to.”

Instead, both brothers have worked tirelessly to carve out what they deem a niche-less site. Marcus spoke on the idea saying, “Our passions both overlap and wildly diverge. Alex is the gamer, while I love photography. And it branches out from there.”

Both agree the smaller footprint suits News Ledge. “We manage ourselves, and while it’d be nice to have teams of people, we prefer the flexibility and independence of being bootstrapped.”

There is no backup marketing team, and the brothers have left the idea of big data behind. Alex remembers first starting the site in 2015 talking about the number of tools they had. “It was absurd. We’d keyword research for days and never get anything done. It was always what should we write about? In the end, it was about our passions. Now it’s down to one tool that handles the basics and a lot less stress.”

Eschewing the overwhelming number of tools and picking a focus has led to them securing multiple high profile interviews and reviews with DJI, Nikon, Microsoft and others.

As a two-man operation, the brothers have to wear many hats. Whether it’s site design, servers, content creation or marketing, each has to do a little of everything. Marcus handles the server side and is thankful for managed hosting. “Knowing the server is always being monitored eliminates a huge worry that plagues every publisher.”

One tip they offer small publishers is persistence is key. “Don’t expect miracles overnight. We never had access to a million dollar marketing budget. And ask for the interview. The worst you’ll hear is no, and more often than not it’s a yes.”

Next up for the brothers at News Ledge is venturing into video and podcasting. Both agree it’s not about quantity, but quality. “If it’s not something we’d watch or listen to, it’s not being published.”

What can you find on News Ledge? Coverage runs the range of interesting, fun, slightly weird topics to the news you have to know. Can we cover everything? Nope. Plus, we don’t want to. The Internet is a big place. While we have an array of interests, there are some things we just shrug at.

The idea behind the site is to be conversational. It’ll be light and fun when the topic demands it, and serious and in-depth when needed. You will not have to worry about us being an uptight operation. We’re not uptight in person, so why act like it on the Internet?

We want News Ledge to be personal. You’ll see series of articles that meld our various journeys into the topic. No talking at you like other sites. Instead, we will be talking with you and joining you on the ride.

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