This book will show you how to use the FREE tools to trade any stock market in the world: North and South America, Europe, Asia/Pacific, Africa, Middle East, & India. The tactics shown can be directly applied to stock trading, starting tomorrow.

EDMONTON, AB, December 20, 2019,/24-7PressRelease/ — “Make Money Trading Leading Stocks” debuts as #1 in Amazon’s Hot New Releases in the “Investing” category. It is available in both the Paperback and eBook versions. In this book, the readers will learn how to:

1. Use FREE tools to trade any stock market of the world
2. Determine the overall market trend
3. Identify leading sectors
4. Identify leading stocks which are in an uptrend
5. Use Relative Strength
6. Use Money Management Calculator to control risks
7. Determine optimal position size
8. Use stock scanner
9. Calculate risk per trade (Stop Loss)
10. Determine Profit Targets
11. Calculate Reward to Risk Ratios
12. Maintain a Trading Journal

The book details are available on Amazon as follows:

• Canada:
• US and International:

About The Author
The author is an engineer by training and passionate about trading and investing. He is a DIY (Do It Yourself) investor and has been trading stocks since 1999. He retired in 2015 after working for 26 years as an engineer. He is currently focused on doing things that he enjoys the most; such as, spending more time with family and friends, traveling, and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

What Others Are Saying?
“I have been stock trading for few years now. I wish I had this book before. The author has done a meticulous job in describing how the FREE tools and resources widely available on the internet can be used for trading any stock markets of the world. I am so glad to learn about how to find the leading stocks in the leading sectors, how to use stock scanners, how to define risks and profit targets even before entering a trade, how many shares to buy, are some of the greatest highlights of the book. I will recommend this book to everyone who wants to be profitable in stock trading. I have not seen any book with so many examples, 20+ colorful charts, 40+ useful hyperlinks, suggestions for further research, and much more.” Stock Investor (

“I’ve worked for David in the consulting industry so I may be a little bit biased. This book breaks down very simple systems and tools to make money in the stock market. It is an easy read and the system is fairly simple to implement. I’m looking forward to making my first trade with this system.” Kyle (

“Simple illustration, charts, links provided to understand the stock movement to make buy or sell decision. Looking forward to implement the knowledge to make money.” Jay (

“Very interesting read for anyone thinking about getting into trading. The author makes it very clear that in order to be a successful trader you must invest a little bit of your time to learn and practice the skills required.” Value Investor (

“good book by a smart author who follows what he writes” Paul Ruffell (

“Downloaded this book on my Kindle and finished it within 2 days by reading it during my commute hours. It is well paced, structured, explaining the technical concepts in the beginning and using real life examples to inform the reader the concepts, strategy and the discipline towards building a sustainable and profitable investment strategy and with the ability to customize the strategy bases on one’s appetite for risk. Looking forward to using the concepts towards my next stock purchase.” Jayant Goswami (

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