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CHICAGO, IL, January 24, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — When you have had your first date, maybe you can read the early signs that she may not give you a second date and rectify things before everything goes to the dogs. Every man wants to score a second date with the woman he thinks he can love, right? Now, if your heart is after the Russian women, you will need to play it by the rules and play it right if you aim to get the second date.

First dates can be stressful. You went on dates with a couple of women and you never seem to pass the first date, sometimes you get to the second date but hardly. What seems to be wrong? There are telltale signs that will let you know that things are going south in the first date. There are ways she may act that need to let you know there will be no other date. Here are the hints you need to look out for. If you see them, especially a combination of a few of them, just know there will not be a second date.

1. She rejects your physical touch

Any woman wants their hand touched or patted by a guy that she could fall for. If you happen to try holding her hand and she briefly accepts or rejects it altogether, then she does not plan to have another date with you. It hints that she doesn’t want to take it any further than that day.

2. Offers to pay for her share of the bill

Well, this mostly happens in the western world, but if you date Ukrainian women and she offers to split the bill on the first date, your goose is cooked. It is really bad! They simply do not take the bill so if she does, just do not even bother following up. It is done and over with. However, do note that a modern woman may do this even when she enjoyed the date. To differentiate whether she had a good time or not, you will need to take note of more cues.

She may want to split the bill or pay it all together. Remember you are the one that offered to treat her so when she offers to pay, it’s because she does not want you to feel like you wasted money when she doesn’t plan to take it any further.

3. When the conversation is one way

If you notice that she keeps asking questions, then you are probably not conversant. She is doing most of the work to remove the awkward silences. Sometimes it can be intentional so you don’t get to really know her. She does not plan to give much information about herself because there will be no second date.

It goes both ways, if you have to make all the effort to initiate a conversation, then that is a cue.

4. Talks about the ‘ex’

If the only topic you get from her is about her ex-husband or boyfriend, just know that either she is not over him yet, or she just wants to sabotage the date deliberately. She may not take the time to get to know you and instead she brings up the topic that makes the date uncomfortable. In this case, even if she offers a second date, do not take it.

5. Complains about other guys

Russian and Ukrainian women are not mouthy at all and they will most likely not talk about other men when on a date with you. However, if it gets to this, well, consider it as really bad.

This can make the date experience be such a dread. When she only speaks negatively of how bad men are, she is sending you a message. That is an obvious red alert. She may have had pretty bad experiences with other guys who have deterred her trust on anyone, but it is a clear sign she won’t be going out with you again.

6. You can detect a forced laugh somewhere

She is not having a good time. Other times, she will not laugh at any of your jokes. You may have prepared awesome jokes, but the laughs are not authentic.

A genuine laugh or smile can be seen in the eyes, but if the eyes are the same, it is not real. If she has to force good emotions, no need to follow up. You are done, in her books. Do not worry her loss.

7. Take careful note of the body language

The unspoken matters more than the spoken. Do take note of the following:

8. Poor or no eye contact

Unless you have established that she is indeed shy, if there is no eye contact, then she has little interest in you. The difference with a shy lady is that the other cues will be absent. Good eye contact lets you know if you are communicating to her. Without it, the connection is cut off.

9. Turns attention away from you

When her body language turns away from you, there is little attention offered. It is common knowledge that the phone should be switched off or at least put on silent to have quality time. If she checks the phone constantly, she probably looks forward to the end of the date.

10. No reply for a second date

When you ask her and the response is that she will get back to you and three weeks down the line, she will still get back to you, she does not want to have another date. Alternatively, your calls and texts are not replied to for a couple of days and she says she is busy, don’t get your hopes up.

11. She might tell you right away she is not ready for a second date

Some Russian women will let you know that there won’t be another date. They may even explain why and it may ease your nerves to know that you are not the reason. She may have thought she was ready for a date but realized she is not over her ‘ex’ or she is not ready emotionally to date a foreigner. Be grateful that you were lucky enough for the honesty and respect her decision.


When you know that she is not going to give you a second date, it saves you trouble as you can move on faster. Look for the red flags, they are always there.

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