Thanksgiving is approaching, on the one hand, you can’t wait to tuck into the delightful delicious dishes. But, the thought of the post-feast bloat is daunting. following these simple tips and make this year is easier than the last.

BERKELEY, CA, November 21, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Thanksgiving quickly approaches, and the excitement and dread are almost palpable. On the one hand, you can’t wait to tuck into the delightful spread of delicious dishes. On the other hand, the thought of the post-feast bloat is daunting, to say the least. While Thanksgiving is a time for jovial celebration and family fun, it is important to maintain your health leading up to and after the day.

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Alas, we have put together a list of surefire things to beat the belly bloat. By following these simple tips you can ensure that this year is easier than the last.

1. Don’t be shy with supplements
Prepping your body for the meals ahead is arguably one of the most important steps to combating the post-Thanksgiving bloat. While ensuring that you receive quality nutrients from the foods that you eat as you build up to the big day is important, supplements offer an efficient source of nutrients for improved overall health. Be sure to keep on the lookout for supplements that reduce the detrimental impacts caused by excessive eating during the holiday. Probiotics are extremely beneficial as they promote digestive health. They regulate bacteria balances in the gut by supplying good strains to the body. In doing so, they normalize bowel movements. Enzymes, specifically Lactase Enzyme, is an important supplement to be on the lookout for. Lactase is responsible for assisting the body’s ability to break down the sugar, lactose. You are bound to consume plenty of dairy-based products, so a Lactase Enzyme supplement is key to optimizing your dairy digestion. Other crucial supplements include Ginger, Cinnamon, and Peppermint, or supplements that contain these ingredients. This is because they speed up the digestion process and soothe the intestinal tract. These are a few of the most beneficial anti-bloating ingredients to consider. Be sure to purchase quality supplements that are well reviewed and supported by lengthy guarantees. Also, ensure that the supplier is cGMP certified and production is animal-cruelty free.

2. Work up a sweat
Get up out of bed and get to the gym the morning after Thanksgiving dinner. Sure, this one is not going to be easy but it will be well worth it. Getting the blood pumping and breaking a sweat can do wonders for a bloated belly. If you are too uncomfortable to step outside your home, then there are plenty of quick, effective body-weight workouts to work off the bloat. Exercising, no matter how rigorous, jump starts your digestive system and improves your metabolism. As a result, it improves the rate at which food is processed in the body. This can be good for your gut and promote regular bowel movements. The carbohydrates you filled up on the evening before will fuel your workout and the exercise that you perform will work off some of the excess calories.

3. Dabble in a detox
Body detoxes come in many shapes and forms. Drinking teas that contain ingredients which target the digestive system can do wonders for a bloated belly. Be sure to steep hot water with ginger and cinnamon for great results. Toss in some peppermint for added benefits. This is a wonderful way to start your day and will be more beneficial than munching on breakfast. You can follow your tea with an Epsom salt bath. Epsom salt is used in baths to pull excess water out of your body. In doing so, it can reduce bloating and feelings of fullness. Follow the next step to ensure that you don’t risk any harm while doing so.

4. Stay hydrated
Drinking plenty of water will ensure that you don’t become dehydrated the next day. You should be drinking loads of water anyway but if you battle to squeeze in 8 glasses a day, just be sure to consume enough after Thanksgiving. Water also works to flush out the excess sodium consumed during salt-heavy Thanksgiving dishes. Regulating this balance will reduce sodium-induced bloating.

While they may seem simple, these steps are often overlooked the day after a Thanksgiving feast. Be sure to stock up on supplements, get your exercise on, try a detox, and drink plenty of water the day after so that you avoid the uncomfortable belly bloat. Doing so will ensure that you can fully enjoy Thanksgiving the way it is meant to be enjoyed!

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