This is a unique MOTIVATIONAL book that encourages self-improvement, career objectives, building and maintaining a stronger, happy and lasting relationship and marriage. It is a must have inspirational handbook for everyone.

QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, January 31, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — This two-in-one book is like no other book in the market right now, in the sense that it addresses two very important aspect of our lives; (i) Personal Goals (ii) Relationship Goals. the author has detailed helpful recommendations on how to realise each goals, which adds more value to the readers.

TITLE ONE: author poured insightful knowledge on ways to achieve personal goals and objectives. With personal stories to encourage you on your journey to character building and personal achievement.

TITLE TWO: She shares proven tips that’ll help move couples away from anger, resentment, disconnection, constant argument, and into a happier loving and lasting relationship and marriage. This amazing book will be one of your happiest choices yet this new year, Don’t miss it. A must read for everyone.

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