Over 20 percent Contemplate Suicide but Teen Expert Says This Can Be Changed

LOS ANGELES, CA, July 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — The concept that teen depression is a phase can’t hold water when it comes to the high percentage of teens who are depressed, drop out of school, and who contemplate suicide. According to parent-teen expert, Chris Taylor, MFT, it’s an epidemic and the solution resides in that vulnerable relationship of parent and teen. Juxtaposed with over 45 percent of American households without a male figure in the home, the challenge for a parent to redirect their child to a more positive life cannot be done without guidance.

“It’s a different world. We’re seeing more depression, defiance, anger than any generation before. Technology has created an instant gratification addiction and made the interpersonal, impersonal with texting, websites, instant messaging, now we have live video chat and little to no filtering on the social networks–and teens sharing information and photos that have created this defiant teen who refuses to accept any responsibility in the home, a family that is not communicating outside of anger, and almost zero contribution to the family unit. This has created a complete social-relational disconnect where there is no visible communication, no verbal love, absolutely no trust. Therefore, I find my role as sharing my expertise and helping both sides–the parents to learn approaches that actually work and teaching teens of their responsibility to the family unit–what we hope to achieve is the restoring of family connectedness, through eliminating negative behaviors, fostering healthy communication, spending quality time together and ending technology dependency,” says Taylor.

Chris Taylor has guided many parent-teen clients to a healthier more communicative and happier life. His intent of sharing the formula with parents across the globe is found in the book “Back to Basics” and the “Back to Basics Workbook”. A series of videos are also available for parents that provide specific topics and solutions. All can be found at http://www.christaylormft.com. Interviews or speaking engagements can be arranged at the contact above.

Chris Taylor, MFT is a licensed marriage and family therapist with over 14 years of experience helping adults, children, adolescents and families reach their full potential. Chris understands the challenges that can interfere in achieving happiness and works tirelessly to ensure solutions are individualized and highly successful.

My passion is helping others find the keys to unlocking their full potential. This has taken me many places in my 14-year career. It was born out of a belief that through all the adversity we face in daily life, there are two factors that ultimately propel us towards overcoming perceived limitations and reaching our goals in life and relationships. The first of these is the presence of unconditional love, and the second is that within all of us are inherent strengths that we can use to reach our highest place. In this journey towards self-discovery and empowerment, I am honored to be a guide.

I began my career as a counselor at a group home for adolescents. It was during this time, that I saw the struggles families endure in their pursuit of wholeness. I witnessed the fight for family togetherness that was often complicated by mental health issues. I watched as these issues stigmatized those who were in the greatest of need. As I transitioned into the role of therapist at a high school, I found that through encouragement and support, most families were able to transcend the limitations associated with the stress of conflict within relationships. In helping families strengthen their communication, they found what was interfering in the achievement of their collective goals. They became free of the restraints of viewing their child’s problems as an individual issue and were able to create an environment where the child was able to focus on making positive decisions independent of family pressure. Ultimately this shift benefited all members of the family and led to further growth.

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