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Am I a Candidate for Plastic Surgery in Sacramento?
Are you a Sacramento resident considering plastic surgery? If so, there’s likely a particular part of your body — or parts of your body — you feel need to be adjusted. There are a number of factors that you need to consider when determining whether or not you are a good candidate for plastic surgery in Sacramento.

Is Plastic Surgery Right for You?

One of the first factors to consider when determining whether or not plastic surgery is right for you is your current state of health. Surgical procedures can be invasive procedures that require your body to be able to heal quickly and efficiently. If you have medical conditions that impede your body from healing properly, then plastic surgery may not be the right option for you. However, if you are in relatively good health, you are not taking medications that impede the healing process, and you do not have any health conditions that would make the recovery process challenging for you, then plastic surgery may be a good option.

Health conditions that would preclude you from being a candidate for plastic surgery would include things like high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and conditions that affect your muscular system or your nervous system.

Preparing Yourself for Plastic Surgery in Sacramento

Our surgeon may ask you to make some changes to better help you prepare for plastic surgery. For example, if you are a smoker, a talented member of our team may request that you quit smoking a few weeks or a few months prior to your surgery and that you stay away from smoking for at least a few weeks or a few months after the procedure. This will allow your body to heal better after the surgery.

Our team of professionals may recommend other lifestyle changes, such as losing weight, not drinking too much alcohol, improving your diet, as well as avoiding certain medications or supplements that might interfere with the recovery process.

Our surgeon and his entire team want the best for you as far as your health is concerned. For this reason, they’re going to talk to you about your physical health, your emotional health, and your lifestyle. It is important that during this pre-surgery consultation meeting you are as honest and upfront with the plastic surgeon as possible. This is going to help you better understand what is required of a plastic surgery candidate and determine if surgical procedures are right for you.

Interested in plastic surgery in Sacramento? Contact Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center today to schedule your consultation!

The Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center (KCMC) in Sacramento, California is renowned throughout Northern and Central California as one of the top practices for facial cosmetic and plastic surgery. Dr. Kaniff is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Sacramento and Medical Director at Kaniff Cosmetic Medical Center located in Sacramento, California.

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