The online marketplace for hunting trips celebrates the anniversary with another performance record

CHALLIS, ID, June 26, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — June 1, 2018, the date that marks three year anniversary of, a trusted online marketplace for hunting trips, nearly went unnoticed by the team. But no detail, however minor, misses the attention of Aleksei Agafonov,’s founder and CEO; he checked in the logbook, and there it was – precisely 3 years ago, June 1, 2015, the website was launched.

The idea of an online marketplace where outfitters can list and offer their hunts, and hunters can find them and book directly, at the outfitter’s price, without any hidden or extra costs, is simple. Making it work is another story. Internet has come a long way since 1990s, when you could put up any and sit back. Today it takes a lot of toil and talent from the world’s best IT developers to get through to your potential customers online, and to make finding the right hunt for the right person a piece of cake, with the dozens of species, hunting methods, hunt difficulties, hundreds of outfitters and locations, cancellation and discount offers, times and spaces that are on the task is monumental.

Most of the best guides and PHs are reassuringly old-school; they typically are much more at home in the wilds than in the world wide web, and would rather deal with an angry mountain lion than a computer mouse. The support team handles everything for them, so that presenting your hunts online for clients worldwide has never been easier. So it goes for the hunters. Many of those who found their hunting adventure on discovered that the BookYourHunt team were willing to do things that aren’t mentioned in the customer agreement. For example they don’t have to reschedule hunts and help with visas for hunters who mistakenly assumed Hungary and Russia had a visa-free agreement, but exists to give hunters the best of the hunting experience, so they do.

Hundreds of hunters have found their hunting adventures on, and their reviews posted on the website help future clients choose the offers that precisely match their interests and desires. The growing number of reviews prompted to launch the Award of Excellence, based on hunter’s reviews. The first eight awards have been handed out to the deserving outfitters this May. More will follow.

Hard work and proven performance brought about continuous growth along the whole three years. At the favorite performance indicator is the number of outfitters and hunts featured on the marketplace. On the one hand, it illustrates how many opportunities provides to a hunter. On the other hand, it shows that outfitters and guides benefit from putting their hunts on Starting in 2015 with just 10 hunts from 3 outfitters, the number has been climbing ever since. Today the Hunting map covers all the world with over 500 outfitters in 47 countries and the number of hunts has just exceeded 4000+!

The success took a lot of work, but it was a work of love. Not only for Aleksei Agafonov, and his renowned partners, James Reed and Jim Shockey, but for the whole team of the project. In fact, all team members say their time with “went like a flash”, adding that they’re proud and grateful to be a part of this project, that gives them many opportunities for professional growth. There’s challenge, and there is toil, but there’s also passion and enthusiasm. When you’re doing something challenging, something important, and something you love, time flies. That’s probably why the anniversary nearly went unnoticed.

Though the anniversary caught the team by surprise, what isn’t a surprise is how BookYourHunt is quickly becoming a household name in the hunting industry and the go-to place for booking a hunting trip.

Founded in 2015, BookYourHunt is a trusted online marketplace where hunters, outdoor enthusiasts, and professional outfitters can list, easily discover, book, and enjoy unique hunting opportunities around the world.

Whether a hunter is looking for a local hunting trip near home, a long-dreamed-of African safari, or a last-minute cancellation hunt at a discount, BookYourHunt connects its users to unique hunting opportunities, whatever their budgets, in more than 47 countries across 5 continents.

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