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NEW YORK, NY, March 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — What would happen if we married two of your favorite stars in one blog via their favorite drinks? We’d have a celebrity party, of course, or at least we’d be getting a little closer to the stars. We’ve always wondered how Ariana Grande keeps that magical shape and how Leonardo DiCaprio maintains that super classic way about him.

Ariana Grande’s Coconut Water
Ariana Grande now has her own Starbucks drink that launched earlier this year. But to soothe those buttery vocal chords and keep hydrated, Ariana told Shape she “always” has a bottle of coconut water next to her. “It’s the best drink in the world,” she says. And it fits her healthy lifestyle. She snacks on cashews and almonds, eats salmon often, meditates and dances daily.

Known traditionally in the tropics as the best hydrator in the world, coconut water comes in a few different styles. Beverage Universe carries a diverse range, from Taste Nirvana to Vita Coco to Zico, and all of them are packed with vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants. Skip the trip to Costa Rica and head over to our online store to grab a little holiday in a bottle.

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s Vodka-Soda
The list of stars’ favorite drinks wouldn’t be complete without a stiff cocktail. Rolling Stone notes that Leo orders not one but two drinks at a time: a coffee with a go-to vodka-soda classic. Despite the Al Pacino bar scene where he drinks an old fashioned in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, or the sozzled scene where he drinks a stein full of grog from his pool chair while reciting his movie lines (Leo plays an aging actor in the movie), Leo was seen with Brad Pitt and Tarantino enjoying not just a few vodka-sodas after set.

Vodka-soda is a simple, low-calorie drink of just three ingredients: vodka, soda, and lime or lemon wedge. To change it up a bit, you can experiment with different types of soda flavors. Beverage Universe has over 300 hundred to choose from, including 88 diet and 26 zero-calorie varieties.

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Drink like a star or try one of our high-class but less popular beverages. Who knows, it could be you who sets the next drink trend. Tune in to Favorite Drinks of the Stars next month to hear what your favorite stars are drinking, and, need we say it again, look so good doing it.

Beverage Universe has everything you’re looking for and everything you want to try. Stay young, stay beautiful, stay thirsty.

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