The go-to beverages of Kylie Jenner and Drake

NEW YORK, NY, March 11, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Ever wonder how Kylie Jenner keeps that magical shape or how Drake keeps his cool at the top of the charts? Us too. What they put to their lips is, of course, crucial, and we’ve got their favorite drinks on tap. Check them out, then check-out Beverage Universe’s online flavor scene. It’s a world of wild flavors.

Kylie Jenner’s Organic Juices
The best compliment is imitation, and if you’ve seen Kylie Jenner in a bathing suit you’re likely to experience both an intense amount of desire and delight. No one’s beautiful quite like you, but if you want a body at least similar to Kylie’s, try replicating her diet. Her favorite drinks are organic juices.

Picture you and Kylie sipping these drinks back at the spa. Belvoir Organic Cucumber & Mint Lemonade has a specially refined flavor that transports to starry heights. Belvoir comes in other delicious elegant flavors, like Organic Elderflower & Rose Lemonade, flaunting spirited flower aromas. And if Belvoir doesn’t impress your friends—just find new friends—it’s the new year anyway. For other pure and sexy organic juices, search our flavor universe.

Drake’s White Wine Spritzer
Not just any white wine spritzer, Drake’s favorite drink, according to Munchies, is a white wine spritzer of the fruity variety. How do you make it, you ask? Mix Chenin Blanc, Midori, carved fruit, and top with soda water, adding lemon basil to garnish. True, now your mom and Drake have something in common. “That’s my drink of choice,” Drake said. “I’m like a golden girl from Ft. Lauderdale or something.” Anyone who can say that and get away with it surely knows how to keep their cool.

For great soda mixers, try Beverage Universe’s GuS, aka Grown-Up Soda. They’re low in cane sugar, packed with real juices and natural extracts, and come in a vibrant array of flavors that will light up any bar scene.

And like that, we’re closer to the stars! Tune in for more delicious and sexy drinks next month. And start searching the Beverage Universe for all types of popular and obscure drinks that the stars will wish they discovered before you.

About Beverage Universe
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