Reducing food waste incrementally decreases hunger as well as energy and natural resource consumption. Utilizing the company’s unique edible films; fruits and vegetables will last longer from farm to fork.

ASHBURNHAM, MA, November 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — FloZein Products, a division of Flo Chemical Corp, a Massachusetts based manufacturer of Zein, has teamed up with PFM, LLC, an Idaho based agricultural products development company to introduce a product line of natural shelf life extenders for fruits and vegetables. As the primary ingredient, PFM has employed FloZein(tm) Products’ proprietary non-GMO Zein, a corn derived protein. When solubilized, FloZein(tm) creates edible coatings and encapsulation films for the food, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and packaging industries.

The line of products, which include Apple Fresh, Potato Fresh, Clean & Core and Veggie Crisp, will extend the shelf life and safety of a variety of fruits and vegetables including fresh cut apples, potatoes, leafy greens, stone fruits, and herbs and is safe as well for wine grapes. The solutions are applied in the field or at the processing plant.

As a natural shelf life extender, applying Apple Fresh will maintain a fruit or vegetable’s natural color, taste and texture for up to 21 days after being picked. Potato Fresh prevents oxidation and discoloration on a potato’s surface and reduces the absorption of oil during frying; the result, a fresher potato and a healthier option for the consumer. Predominantly used for all varieties of lettuce, when applied at harvest, Clean & Core delivers immediate protection for the cut surface, radically reducing the need to re-trim; also results in less pinking, browning and bruising compared to other treatments in the market. Effective on a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, Veggie Crisp boosts vegetables’ ability to naturally stay fresh and significantly reduces the incidence of bacterial growth.

Rachel Freedman, FloZein(tm) Products president says, “We are thrilled that PFM is building on its many years in the agricultural products market to develop its new line incorporating our FloZein(tm) biodegradable biopolymer.”

Made in the USA, all of the products are non-GMO, kosher, gluten free, vegan, and safe for humans and animals. For almost 60 years FloZein(tm) has been approved by the FDA as safe for human and animal consumption, in effect, the solutions break down to water and corn protein. USDA considers it GRAS.

According to Freedman, “Whatever any of us can do to help combat world hunger and reduce food waste is a good thing. We are corporate citizens and are excited by the opportunity to make a positive impact on our planet. Whether one believes the number 25% or 50% as the percentage of food that is left rot in the field; the use of FloZein ™ Ag Products will significantly reduce waste due to rot or blemishes in fields, warehouses, packaging, distribution, supermarkets, restaurants and fridges.”

Thane Siddoway, president of PFM, added, “The product line is being introduced now and we anticipate good growth for our initial 2018 growing season. We are hoping to keep tons of viable fresh fruits and vegetables available longer and transported to the people who need them.”

About Flo Chemical
Massachusetts based Flo Chemical has been producing Freeman Zein for over 35 years for edible coatings and encapsulation products for the food, pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industries. For more information please visit the website at or contact the company at [email protected].

About PFM
PFM, LLC was formed in 2013 to develop and distribute shelf life extenders & process aids for fresh fruits and vegetables. Depending on the need, products may be applied in the field, processing plant or packing warehouse.

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