Summer is the perfect time to enroll your child in our program.

ORLANDO, FL, June 21, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Summer is fast approaching, which means that Plasticity’s “Brain Camp” is gearing up. At Plasticity Brain Centers, we understand how difficult it can be to get your child into our weeklong program due to school schedules, so summer is the perfect time to enroll your child in our one-week program to improve brain function and quality of life in children suffering from developmental disorders, brain injuries, or movement disorders.

In preparation for “Brain Camp,” we have added the M.A.R.C. II, a second Multiple Axis Rotational Chair, to increase the number of patients that can be treated at any one time. The M.A.R.C. is often our young patients’ favorite therapy. Its functionality reminds children of the zero-gravity simulators that NASA uses, which is why many children refer to our one-week program as “Space Camp,” but since we focus on brain function–and not on space travel–we have dubbed our summer program “Brain Camp.”

“Our Brain Camp program is tailored for each individual patient,” said Dr. Matthew Antonucci. “Throughout the week we regularly reassess the patient and adjust their treatment plan accordingly. We also work with our patients and their families to develop home treatment plans, so they can continue to improve even once they’ve returned home.”

For patients right here in Florida, there is also a needs-based scholarship available to help children in need get the hope that they deserve. The Gardiner Scholarship Program provides children with developmental disorders, rare diseases, traumatic brain injuries, and certain learning disabilities with funds for education, educational supplies, and health-related therapy services. For more information on The Gardiner Scholarship Program and how it works with Plasticity Brain Centers’, check out our article here.

So if you have a child who is suffering from a developmental disorder, lingering brain injury, or movement disorder, take the necessary steps to ensure they can live life to its fullest potential. Sign your child up for “Brain Camp” at Plasticity Brain Centers. Don’t hesitate, spots are filling up fast. For more information on the program or to schedule your visit, please call (877) 420-5807.

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