The latest episode of A Life of Giving, the acclaimed Podumentary by Reverend Richard Klingeisen, is set to launch shortly after the holidays in early 2020. ‘For a Good Cause’ sees the Revered focus on the charities closest to him.

REEDSVILLE, WI, January 22, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — Christmas is a special time of year, as we gather together with loved ones to celebrate life and, above all, the birth of Jesus Christ. It is also a time of giving, making it the perfect occasion for Richard Klingeisen to launch the second episode of his acclaimed Podumentary, A Life of Giving: Conversations with Rev. Richard Klingeisen.

Having worked in the clergy since 1972, Rev. Klingeisen has enjoyed an illustrious career and has been able to not only attain extensive expertise in Catholic education, but also support and counsel thousands of families at times of need. Wanting to share this expertise and comfort to followers outside of his parish, in 2018 the Reverend inked a one-year Podumentary deal, which would ultimately lead to the popular, charity-themed holiday program. It should be noted that this was not without precedence. Klingeisen and his dedicated media team tested the waters, as the saying goes, during the 2018 Christmas season in order to gauge public and personal interest in a long-term arrangement.

Based on the fantastic reception of the pilot episode, as evidenced by its stellar news media performance, ‘A Life of Giving’ was born; a brand new show that would deliver a groundbreaking Episode One (premiered Fall, 2019) to set the stage and make good on the promise of the pilot show. Seeing all of this success—and especially searching deep within himself—Rev. Klingeisen decided that the unique Podumentary format would be an effective, enjoyable medium to reach a wider audience than ever. And when you’re a Man of Faith as esteemed and devoted as Rev. Klingeisen reaching people is everything. For every installment Richard Klingeisen and his production team find new ways to explore Faith and its many facets.

Episode Two is as timely and important as any, landing in the vast and virtual landscape of online media immediately following the 2019 holiday season. It will be premiering exclusively on the Podumentary’s official website,, in January. The aptly titled, ‘For a Good Cause’ sees the Reverend focusing on the subject of charity, and discussing how we can work together to help those less fortunate. Within the extended feature, he examines closely those charities and organizations that are closest to his heart;

Cross Catholic Outreach –
A charity dedicated to providing food, shelter, medical care, water, education, self-help programs, care for orphans and emergency relief to the poorest of the poor in Dioceses around the world.

Food for the Poor –
A charity providing lifesaving food, secure housing, clean water, healthcare, emergency relief, micro-enterprise projects and education opportunities to 17 countries throughout the Caribbean and Latin America.

St. Vincent Mission of David –
A community of people in Appalachia, who believe everyone has a God-ordained right to the basic needs of life in order to meet their full potential. The charity provides local residents with food, personal items, emergency assistance, home repairs and much more.

St. Gianna Molla Guild of Northeast Wisconsin –
The SGMG is a chartered guild of the national Catholic Medical Association who are dedicated to educating and supporting the next generation of Catholic medical professionals.

St. Mary/St. Michael School –
While not a charity, the St. Mary/St. Michal Catholic School is connected to the church the Reverend oversees and provides education for 3K to 8th grade students.

The lessons to be learned in the upcoming episode do not just relate to these organizations only; Reverend Richard Klingeisen encourages the listener to build on their compassion to create a civilization of love. Speaking ahead of the launch, he added “I’m very excited to be getting the second episode of A Life of Giving out into the world. I’m really looking forward to engaging with the listeners after this next one airs—it’s a pretty special one to me.

“The holiday period is a time for giving and while I focus on some of the charities that are closest to my heart, if we all show a little more compassion and love to our fellow man throughout 2020 then we can make the world a truly better place.”

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