What is your pet doing at home during the day? If you catch the perfect moment with PetChatz PetWatch it could make your precious pet the next viral sensation.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, February 27, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — What is your pet doing at home during the day? If you catch the perfect moment with PetChatz PetWatch it could make your precious pet the next viral sensation. PetChatz just released PetWatch, a smart motion-and-sound triggered video recording feature, to help answer this question. PetWatch will automatically record the last 30 funny, cute, and naughty moments (up to 30 secs long) of your fur baby. You will be able to download, share and enjoy these moments forever. Now you have all the tools you need to create a social media superstar.

Did you know the net worth of the top three internet pets is over one million dollars a year each? Grumpy Cat, Lil Bub, and Boo The Pomeranian are pulling in big bucks for their owners and donating part of their proceeds to pet based charities. Way to go!

PetWatch is the newest addition to Digital Pet Daycare with Camp PetChatz. Digital Pet Daycare with Camp PetChatz gives your pet a full day of entertainment, connection, and interaction with two-way video chats, treats, brain games, aromatherapy, DOGTV and now PetWatch. PetChatz features pet trainer-developed instructions to help parents easily train their pets to respond to digital daycare for the home alone cat and dog.

“We created the Digital Pet Daycare with Camp PetChatz to give parents peace of mind and give pets a full day of entertainment while their owners are earning money for treats,” said Joe Meyers, PetChatz Head Marketing Dog. “Now, with PetWatch you can be there with your fur family members at all times in high definition video with premium audio.”

PetWatch is complimentary for all PetChatz Pack Members (PetChatz owners) and was released on February 26th. Along with this social-savvy new feature, PetChatz will be holding a social media contest for all pack members! Post your funniest and cutest “PetWatch” clips on Instagram with the hash tags #PetChatz and #PetWatch to win some amazing prizes! Be sure to tag @PetChatz as well. Two grand prizes will go to the funniest and cutest video! Good luck!

To see PetWatch in action, check it out here.

PetChatz is part of Anser Innovation, which pioneers IoT technologies that enable ‘being there from anywhere’. PetChatz is Anser’s first product line with many more to come.

Anser Innovation is based in Minnesota and is borne from a serendipitous collision of invention and entrepreneurialism.

It was founded in part by Dr. Mark Kroll, a former medical technology executive, holder of more than 350 patents and inventor of more medical devices than anyone in the world. Kroll invented PetChatz after realizing the potential for marrying advances in two-way remote communications technology with the unique emotional connection between pet owners and their companions. He considers PetChatz his “most fun” invention.

Lisa Lavin is a former veterinary medicine professional, seasoned business executive, fourth-generation entrepreneur and friend of Dr. Kroll. He shared his PetChatz patents with Lisa one day. She immediately realized the consumer potential for the device among pet owners, and for multiple categories.

In February of 2011, Lisa Lavin, Mark Kroll and Braden Kroll, a high tech investor and business leader, founded Anser Innovation. Since then, Anser has developed a platform of products that enhance remote interaction and has been recognized by industry leaders for innovation and business strategy.

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