Tips for Decorating the Thanksgiving Table

NEW YORK, NY, November 06, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Thanksgiving is almost here, so that means enjoying a large dinner with a variety of different family members all making loud requests to pass the potatoes across the table. The Thanksgiving dinner table should be decorated with flowers and trinkets that complement the golden turkey, brown stuffing, and red cranberry sauce. If you’re not sure how to decorate your table this year, John Mini Distinctive Landscapes is here to help.

Less can be more

Creating a centerpiece or table decor that compliments your food is aesthetic and admirable, but you want to make sure you’re not overdoing it. Less is more! For example, a few simple pots or vases with maroon mums and white baby’s breath is perfect. These colors will make the vibrant food on your table pop and creates a beautiful visual for your entire family to enjoy.

Heights can be appealing

Staggering short pots or vases among taller ones creates a versatile design down the length of the table. Separate the flowers and plants with some real or fake pumpkins to add to the Thanksgiving atmosphere. Every millennial at your dinner table will be posting a picture of your display on Instagram for sure. #tablescapegoals

Extending your color palette

When you think of fall, you probably think of browns, oranges, and deep reds. However, pink actually works well when pairing with orange! Some great flowers that come in both orange and pink include gerbera daisies, cosmos, and California poppies. You could also throw in some rose gold carnations for added color and a chic appeal.

Pumpkin Pot

Although vases are nice to put on the table, pumpkin pots are a little more festive and can hold treats for the end of the meal! Go to a store that sells fall decor, such as Target, Hobby Lobby, or Kohls, and find yourself an open, hollow pumpkin to fill with candies or plants. Add your favorite fall-colored flowers and place it wherever your guests will see them!

Flower Friends

Since we’ve covered the types of flowers and color schemes that would best fit a Thanksgiving table, here’s a few decorative pieces to pair with your flowers. If you head on over to your closest craft store, such as Michaels, you can find craft pumpkins by the company, Ashland. These allow you to cut them, decorate them, and manipulate them in any way you desire. Take one of these and either cut the top out, creating a bowl or a basket, to put more decor into it, or drill holes around the entire pumpkin and place a fake tea light inside so it glows!

Another fun decorative addition you can add to your plants is a tall glass jar or mason jar with another fake tea light and some acorns around the candle for some homey mood lighting.

Thanksgiving is a time for you and your friends and family to enjoy together, remaining thankful for everything you have in life, including each other. John Mini Distinctive Landscapes wants you to have the best tips to decorate your table for Thanksgiving dinner so that the food looks even better and the setup—perfect and festive. Contact John Mini for any of your landscaping and holiday needs, and be sure to check out our blog for more tips and tricks!

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