Life’s Too Short To Eat Shi#ty Tasting Bars!

SANTA MONICA, CA, January 22, 2020 — Good news for Keto Krisp snack bar lovers! The “insanely” good tasting, low-carb, low-sugar bars are now available at Gelson’s Markets throughout Southern California. This exciting milestone is reason to celebrate for charismatic Keto Krisp founder Adam Bremen.

“When we first launched Keto Krisp, I remember walking into the West Hollywood Gelson’s and immediately thinking to myself, ‘Wouldn’t it be cool to have my bar on the shelf here?’ And now it’s happening!” Adam threw caution to the wind that day and asked to speak to the manager, explaining the taste-apart brand and how much people love it wherever he goes. He was directed to the buyer, and five months later, Keto Krisp is on the shelf. “We sold out all of our inventory during the first store demo,” says Bremen. “It felt so good to be getting these bars into the hands of people who are committed to their diets but don’t want to compromise on taste.”

Indeed, customers are very enthusiastic about the flavor profiles which come in Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry and Bremen’s favorite, Almond Butter. Bremen and his team at the family-run business spent months getting the flavors and textures perfect, blending sweet and savory beautifully for three winning combinations. Bremen waxes poetic when he describes the way the tastes blend together, and when asked why flavor is such a priority? He quotes his website, “Life’s too short to eat shi*ty tasting bars.”

Join Bremen at Gelson’s where he is scheduled for live demonstrations and taste-test giveaways on Mondays between 2-6pm at various locations. He posts his scheduled events on Instagram @adambremen to let shoppers know when to come by and discover the low-carb snack for themselves. During a recent Gelson’s demo, one shopper couldn’t contain her excitement. “These are amazing, and I rarely say that about any bar. I’m excited to take these home because the samples were awesome.”

Gelson’s Market is upscale grocery chain attracts discerning shoppers of all walks of life, and a growing number of people are looking for ways to satisfy their between-meal bites without tipping the scales of their overall daily carbs. “The Keto diet is all about keeping the body in a state of ‘ketosis’ which means you’re burning fat instead of just sugar,” says Bremen. “But you don’t have to be on the Keto diet to enjoy a fantastic-tasting snack bar. We’ve found people at all stages of fitness or weight loss who want a premium snack that’s got balanced macros and a substantial protein hit.”

Find the delicious protein-packed bars at or on Amazon. And if you’re local to Los Angeles, find Bremen himself at Gelson’s between 2 – 6pm on Mondays. Follow his journey on Instagram @adambremen where he shares Keto Krisp bars and his inspiring story with local shoppers.

About Krisp Nutrition, LLC.
Krisp Nutrition, LLC. was founded by Adam Bremen in Santa Monica, California in 2019 where he and his family business dream team are dedicated to manufacturing delicious keto-diet-friendly Keto Krisp™ bars. Keto Krisp bars are available in three delicious flavors: Almond Butter, Chocolate Mint and Chocolate Raspberry, with additional flavors to come. For more information, please visit

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