Both have the “bliss” and “love” molecules in their chemistry.

CARMEL, CA, January 10, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ —

Who says chemistry has to be boring.

Anandamide. Phenylethylamine. PEA.

Those may sound like they come from chapters you skipped in high school chemistry but they’re floating around your bloodstream right now.

They better be!

If the amounts are too low, it can affect mood, sleep, and a host different bodily functions.

Chocolate naturally has these chemicals (or their precursors) in it but there’s another trending substance that shares this trait.

CBD or Cannabidiol.

Learn what these different substances do in the body and why both CBD and Chocolate have such an affinity among all of us here:

The Connection Between CBD and Chocolate

Interestingly, the effect of these different substances is more pronounced on women’s chemistry.

Chocolate and CBD definitely have a bigger impact for this half of the population!

We always had a hunch on chocolate but now we understand the gender gap with CBD as well.

Find out more about the connection between the two here.

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