This holiday season, instead of gifting your friends and loved ones another meaningless present, let them discover their own unique power with a copy of “Unlocked: Discover How to Embrace the Unexpected” by bestselling author, Dr. Madelyn Blair.

JEFFERSON, MD, December 13, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — As Christmas draws ever closer, we are reminded on an almost daily basis of the importance of spending time with our friends and family this holiday season. This year however, instead of rushing around to purchase last minute presents that are often meaningless, give your loved ones a gift that can empower and enrich their lives.

Unlocked: Discover How to Embrace the Unexpected is the number one international bestseller from respected author, leadership specialist and motivational speaker, Dr. Madelyn Blair. In this modern, fast-paced world, unexpected events often leave us struggling to cope and flummoxed as to how to move forward. Does this sound like anyone you know? Through personal experiences and accounts of people who have overcome challenges to reinvent themselves, Unlocked inspires the reader to do the same, while simultaneously equipping them with the skills needed to succeed.

Dr. Blair never loses sight of the human element of the writing. Through the power of storytelling the reader is allowed to gain real-life perspective on the advice. This uniquely personable, almost conversational style endears itself to readers, enabling them to quite literally unlock a veritable treasure trove of knowledge within. Each chapter of Unlocked: How to Embrace the Unexpected acts as a building block of resilience, providing a different area of discussion for the reader to engage with. So this Christmas rather than gift another pair of socks, help your loved ones discover the power and confidence needed to tackle whatever 2020 may bring.

Speaking ahead of the holiday, Dr. Blair added, “Life is full of unexpected events and at those moments when it feels like the world is falling in on us, it can be hard to know how to move forward and overcome the problem. Unlocked helps the reader to find the incredible power and determination that lies within all of us; allowing them to embrace the unexpected and unlock new pathways to personal growth.”

In July, 2019 Dr. Madelyn Blair was the subject of a very special advertising event. This was an exclusive, ten-billboard campaign at the Thomson Reuters location in Times Square, New York City. A regular lecturer at Columbia University, Dr. Blair is no stranger to New York City. With preferential ad placement, she used this unique marketing opportunity to promote Unlocked: Discover How to Embrace the Unexpected several months in advance of its October 15th release, which surely introduced a very wide and far-reaching audience to her work. The long-awaited, second Unlocked major advertisement will be debuting this Friday, December 13th, at the esteemed, iconic Nasdaq MarketSite Times Square location. This follows Madelyn Blair’s November 18th guest spot on The Donna Drake Show and rounds out a phenomenally successful 2019!

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