Choosing sustainable plantings can make a large impact on the environment.

NEW YORK, NY, August 21, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Looking for a low-maintenance and earth-friendly option for your space? Sustainable plantings bring beauty and the benefits of nature to your garden!

Sustainability is all about maintaining natural resources that are needed to survive. Misusing natural resources can be dangerous for us and our future generation, which is why sustainability is so important. Choosing sustainable plantings can make a large impact on the environment.

One of the resources that is wasted most frequently is water. Each year, Americans waste 1 trillion gallons of water or enough to fill 24 billion bathtubs. By choosing plants that require minimal watering, you are saving the planet while also reducing costs. When thinking about the landscape for water conservation, consider choosing native plants because they are already adapted to your area’s conditions and won’t require as much care.

Adding trees that provide shade is a great way to make your landscape more eco-friendly. The shade they provide can block the sun’s rays during the hot days of summer so you don’t have to keep the air conditioning running as much. As winter approaches, the trees will lose their leaves, allowing the sun to warm your building. Therefore, your heating bills will be reduced as well.

Aside from supplying shade, trees also absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and replace it with oxygen. This helps to cut down on damaging greenhouse gasses and pollution, meaning the air around your space will be more clean and healthy.

By adding trees, shrubs and other native plants to your property, you are providing an oasis for birds and other animals. Giving them this natural habitat will allow animals to thrive. This will benefit you as these animals will keep invasive, non-native species out of your space, eliminating the need for harsh pesticides.

As you can see, the choices you make for your landscape have the potential to make a huge effect. Give us a call and allow our team of experts to green your space today! Visit us at

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