Liver Disease is on the Rise and
Amsety is Helping You Make Healthy Liver Choices

CARLSBAD, CA, May 16, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — May is Hepatitis Awareness Month. The month lends itself to educating the public about hepatitis and liver health. Currently, there is little public awareness about hepatitis, the causes, prevention methods, how the disease can affect your liver health, and what role nutrition plays on the liver.

So what is hepatitis, how do you know if you have it and most important, what to do? There are many strains of the hepatitis virus and Hepatitis A, B and C, are major causes of contagious liver disease. Though the Hepatitis viruses can all affect your liver, each one is transmitted differently and causes different symptoms. Here’s what you need to know:

Hepatitis A, is passed through food and water and can make people very sick; but the good news is it never becomes chronic, and the even better news is there’s a vaccine that all children in the United States are getting now to help prevent it.

Hepatitis B, is transmitted by blood and sex, but the most common method of transmission is from a mother to her baby at birth. There are more than one billion people on the planet who have been infected with hepatitis B and it’s the leading cause of liver cancer in the world. Hepatitis B is treatable and cures are being researched. The hepatitis B vaccine has been available for over 25 years in the U.S.

Hepatitis C, is actually the most common liver disease in the U.S. It is most commonly spread through contact with infected blood. This usually happens by sharing contaminated needles used for injecting drugs. There’s an epidemic among baby boomers and people under 30 who’ve used IV heroin that are at risk. An estimated 2.7 to 3.9 million United States (U.S.) residents are infected with chronic Hepatitis C (HCV) according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  You may also may be at greater risk if you have had a blood transfusion before July 1992.

With hepatitis having such adverse effects on your liver, it is important to realize what role nutrition plays. Did you realize that everything you eat and drink passes through your liver? Your liver changes food into stored energy and chemicals necessary for life and makes nutrients available so your body can use them to build cells, give you energy, and maintain normal body functions.

For instance, if your diet provides too many calories, you will gain weight. Being overweight is linked to the buildup of fat in the liver, called “fatty liver.” Over many years, having a fatty liver when you already have hepatitis C will make it more likely to develop cirrhosis. Being overweight and having a fatty liver also have been shown to make it less likely that hepatitis C will successfully be cleared.

A good diet can actually improve liver health in a person with hepatitis C. A balanced diet can lead to better liver functioning and lowered risk of cirrhosis (scarring) of the liver. In addition, people infected with hepatitis C have higher rates of diabetes than those who are not infected, but a good diet can help reduce body fat and control blood sugar. This lowers diabetes risk. By understanding the role nutrition plays in your liver health, you can make healthier liver choices. Reaching for healthier food choices and snacks are a good start.

Amsety has introduced the first nutrition bar specifically designed for liver health. Developed by leading American liver specialists, researchers and food engineers, the Amsety Bar provides the correct nutrients essential to support liver health. The Amsety Bar is a healthy on-the-go snack or meal replacement that will support your liver. It is 100% organic, is non-GMO, Gluten-free, has very low sodium, is Lactose-free, Kosher, Vegetarian, has no refined sugar or artificial preservatives or colors. Each bar is only 200 calories and it is made in the U.S. And the best part is that they taste great! What more can your liver ask for.

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A quick health tip from Amsety – Up to 5.3 million Americans have chronic Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C infection. About 75% of the infected population are unaware that they are even infected. May 19th has been designated as “National Hepatitis Testing Day” in the United States. Getting tested may save your life. Take CDC’s Hepatitis Risk Assessment to see if you should be tested for viral hepatitis.

About Amsety
Amsety LLC was founded to support liver health in the United States. The company is headquartered in Carlsbad, California and Berlin, Germany. Amsety Bar was developed to improve the lives of liver patients by delivering healthy liver nutritional solutions. Nutrition is a critical factor for general health and well-being. However, maintaining a healthy diet can be challenging. Improving your nutrition is the first step towards a healthier lifestyle.

Amsety is helping people with special liver conditions by providing products which promote liver health and wellness. Amsety Bars offer a convenient way to include important vitamins and minerals in the daily diet of liver patients.

Amsety Bars are brought to life by CEO Mustafa Behan, who possesses 20+ years of executive experience at McKinsey & Co, Procter & Gamble, Deutsche Bank, and Fidelity Investments. He’s implemented multimillion-dollar marketing and consulting projects for consumer goods in Europe (e.g. Pantene, Old Spice, Pampers, Always, etc.), and environmental and healthcare projects in the Middle East and US.

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