The sophisticated and innovative design of wall beds prove that foldaway furniture can also be stylish.

TORONTO, ON, May 07, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — Murphy beds have always been considered ideal for studio apartments that have no multifunctional rooms. There was a time when wall beds were used to increase the functionality of a space, instead of being used as a stylish addition to the interior décor because of their dull and cheap look. However, the upscale models being introduced by companies like Hiddenbed Factory are proving that wall beds can be sophisticated while being practical.

“People mostly bought murphy beds when they had a space dilemma rather than taking them as statement pieces for their home. Fortunately, the high-end features of wall beds being manufactured nowadays offer superior design to match various interior décor styles. The latest designs enable homeowners to integrate audio and visual components, incorporate lighting fixtures, add refrigeration units and even include closet spaces to give the desired look to their multipurpose room,” says Keith Marjadsingh, the owner of Hiddenbed Factory, a leading manufacturer of custom bed systems in Ontario.

Multifunctional furniture was already on the rise in North America, back in 2017 which led murphy bed designers to create their latest models that combine versatility and luxury. The improved versions are the preferred choice among homeowners regardless of their home size.

Hiddenbed Factory is a trusted manufacturer of murphy beds in Canada. The company designs custom bed system with tailor-made closets and cabinetry to suit the budget and lifestyle of its customers. They offer installation services in all parts of the Greater Toronto Area.

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