Lactoferrin and IgE tests now available

SAN DIEGO, CA, February 25, 2020 /24-7PressRelease/ — A new testing device for dry eyes and allergies is making life easier and more accurate for Optometrists and Ophthalmologists. Advanced Tear Diagnostics (ATD), based in Birmingham, AL, has launched its latest point-of-care tear testing instrument, TearScan300™, that takes a patient tear sample and determines levels of Lactoferrin (which indicates a dry eye condition) and IgE (which points to an allergic reaction) to distinguish between a dry eye condition and an allergic reaction.

“Our latest update to the TearScan300 allows doctors to quantitatively determine the levels of Lactoferrin or IgE. All of this happens within a few minutes so that the clinician can make recommendations while the patient is still in the chair,” said CEO of Advanced Tear Diagnostics, Marcus Smith.

Lactoferrin, an anti-viral, anti-bacterial iron-binding protein, is reported to be the most reliable, single marker in the diagnosis of dry eye disease. It is also a mucous-specific anti-inflammatory molecule. Serum Lactoferrin is released from the lacrimal gland in a manner similar to serum IgE and possibly from tear neutrophils during infection and inflammation. By binding iron, Lactoferrin prevents the pathogen from obtaining sufficient iron, which it relies upon for growth.

The TearScan300™ has been cleared by the FDA and provides the practitioner more precise clinical data regarding Lactoferrin levels in the tear film. Multiple studies have demonstrated the low value of normal tear Lactoferrin levels to be about 0.9 mg/ml. Values less than this indicate lacrimal gland dysfunction (the smaller the number, the greater the dysfunction of the lacrimal gland). CPT codes are available for Medicare and insurance company reimbursements.

ATD develops and markets a highly specialized point-of-care (POC) lab testing system designed specifically to assist eye care practicioners in detecting and quantifying a number of biomarkers associated with a variety of ocular surface disorders. ATD’s unique testing platform is also the first POC lab testing system to receive FDA cleared for the diagnostic testing of tears.

To learn more about ATD and the TearScan300™, please contact Barry Nordstrom, President of Innovative Medical Supplies (IMS), at (858) 735-7864 or [email protected]. IMS is an exclusive distributor of the TearScan300™ and you can learn more about this innovative new product on their website at

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