When big companies seem to overlook quality over quantity, bottom lines prioritize over smile lines, and when faster is thought to mean better, it might just be time to slow things down in the world of dental implants.

NEWPORT BEACH, CA, June 27, 2018 /24-7PressRelease/ — According to Oral Surgeons, Web Md, and a barrage of other reputable sources, dental implants have complications that almost always can be avoided if patients do their homework. The fact is, having Dental Implants placed correctly, by a skilled dental professional, is a procedure that requires a great deal of proficiency, education, and skill. In fact, one of the reasons Dental Implants are such a good option for tooth replacement is that they can last a lifetime.

Dr. Michaelis of Newport Beach, A board certified oral surgeon, and one of the highest reviewed oral surgeons in the U.S., says, “Never let teeth get in the way of your lifestyle again, but do use caution if you find yourself drawn to the crafty art of marketing seduction for, “teeth in a day.”

Dr. Michaelis says, “No way.” Do you want teeth in a day unless you’re a proponent of having key life decisions expedited and standardized to a lessor bar of approval, and enjoy increased risks of complications? My guess is this is probably not the case, for most.”

“Without slandering those corporations that bank on their newest marketing tactics, they are in many cases skimming the bottom of the barrel for their employees. If you’re already a successful surgeon, dentist, or lab technician then you don’t need to work for them. Not everyone can make it on their own in any profession, Doctors, Lawyers, etc. If you can’t make it on your own, then your only option is corporate dentistry. I could theoretically advertise “teeth in a day” too, but doing so would almost always rush us, and in most cases, anything rushed seems to find itself in the company of mistakes. In fact. We also perform “teeth in a day” but maybe we tend to challenge customers to focus on the fact that we:

1) are board certified
2) trained at world class institutions
3) have been running a successful practice in the area for 20+ years
4) we only work with the area’s best dentists and best dental labs.

Headline News Guru investigated and sampled three random dentist that advertised “teeth in a day” and we found some interesting hidden facts. We went online to see what dental offices promise when they offer One Day Dental Implants. Here’s what we found:

– Dental Office #1 claims: Get your smile back again in as little as one day! They go on to say that, thanks to modern technology, you can walk out of the office, with new teeth in a day. Towards the end of their explanation they say, “often in one procedure, the same day.”
– Dental Office #2, after offering One Day Dental Implants, says, “you’ll go home with a temporary set of teeth.”
– Dental Office #3 says, even though there are several benefits of same day dental implant, there are few risks also.

The major risk is the failure of the implant.

Finally, Headline News found another collective agreement among oral surgeons and dentist that perform implants and almost 100% of them agree on this fact. The implant itself, which is the post that is put in the jaw, is kept in location firmly because of the bone that develops around it. This is called osseointegration. It takes several weeks for osseointegration to happen. As soon as the procedure of osseointegration is full, long-term teeth can be put on the dental implant. Also prior to the dental implant being put in, an analysis needs to be done as well as x-rays taken.

temporary teeth could be positioned on the dental implant, to make sure that you never ever need to leave the dentist office without teeth, yet follow-up visits need to be made making certain that the osseointegration procedure is working out as well as there is not a problem in or around the dental implant location.

So, conclusion in our research reveals this, there really isn’t such a thing as “teeth in day” if your goal is little to no complications, couple with your desire for the implant to be successful.

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Jim Kent
Headline News Guru – Senior Investigative Journalist 2012 AP Journalist of the year
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