Nu-Care uses the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform to share their latest innovation in stopping menstrual cramps, offering natural relief for millions of women.

ONTARIO, CA, November 14, 2017 /24-7PressRelease/ — Nu-Care is the official name of an exciting new product that is sure to help millions of women who suffer from monthly menstrual pain. This comfortable, breathable undergarment provides gentle heat to the pelvis and back to successfully relieve the discomfort and cramps often accompany menstruation. The company has launched its campaign for producing Nu-Care on Indiegogo where 100 lucky women can purchase their Nu-Care product at a discount.

Nu-Care is easily worn under any kind of clothes, including pants and short skirts, and unlike other heating pads used to relieve menstrual pain, does not require an electrical outlet. It delivers all-natural relief much faster than pills, with no side effects. The heating element is placed inside a combination polyester and cotton fabric garment, interwoven with carbon fibers that add strength and support, while allowing Nu-Care to remain lightweight, breathable, thin and stretchable.

“In developing Nu-Care we had several goals in mind. The first, was to help women cope with menstrual pain. The second was to give them an alternative to over the counter pills, that can sometimes have unwanted side effects. Number three was making it portable and easy to wear,” said creator, Tony Wu.

According to the producers, the product was developed with the help of women from all types of backgrounds and ages. At each stage of the production process, they made suggestions on how to improve the Nu-Care. The final result was an amazingly comfortable, lightweight undergarment that delivers the right amount of soothing heat in controllable, measured amounts. The battery pack is mounted to the small of the back so it will not create a bulge or be uncomfortable when the user is sitting.

The compact and powerful Nu-Care battery can be recharged 500 times. Each Nu-Care comes with a charger, and easy to operate power switch which lets the wearer decide exactly when and where to have heat delivered–in front, in back, or both areas. Nu-Care has three heating levels, comes in two shapes, and offers sizes small to XL.

The Nu-Care IndieGoGo campaign is offering their product at a fixed goal of $10,000, and women can purchase the Nu-Care for themselves or as a gift. The company says the primary goal of the campaign is to introduce the Nu-Care product to women at a discounted price, and generate buzz. The first 100 people to sign up can purchase the Nu-Care Early Bird Premium at a 20 percent discount for $95, and the Nu-Care Basic at a 10 percent discount for $85. Others can show their support by donating as little as $1 to help bring this much needed product to the market.

About Nu-Care:
Nu-Care for Menstrual Pain is the solution for ladies who suffer from cramps during their menstrual cycle and back pain. Their product provides relief with convenience and mobility. The innovative, effective product is easy to use and user friendly.

Indiegogo Campaign:
Web Site: http://www.Nu-Care.Life

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