In addition to taking care of your health through ‘Well at Heart’ e-Health Magazine App you can save thousands of children suffering from heart diseases.

BANGALORE, INDIA, January 08, 2019 /24-7PressRelease/ — Well at Heart e-Health Magazine App provides health information from a panel of celebrated Doctors at your fingertips. Every morning wake up to a health tip notification from Accomplished Doctors that will help you start your day being health aware and health conscious. Doctors with 40 years of experience serve on the panel. Well at Heart e-Health Magazine is available in 20 different regional and foreign languages.

Through the ad revenues we are trying to solve a huge problem in India. Every year 150,000 children are born with heart diseases. Only 25,000 survive. Rest perish because their parents cannot afford the huge cost of surgery. We have done several cardiac surgeries till date. Here is an example : Baby Arpita Pal is the only child of Mr. Atul Pal and Mrs. Aarti Atul Pal. The family resides in Mumbai in a rented house with their parents, Mr. Guruprasad Pal and Mrs. Jayranidevi Pal. The
family depends on Mr. Guruprasad Pal for living, as Mr. Atul Pal is currently unemployed. Guruprasad works as a hawker and earns Rs. 5,000/- per month to support the five-member household.

Baby Arpita Pal was admitted to NH SRCC
Children’s hospital, Mumbai on January 18th,
2018 with MRN- 12520000006228. She was
diagnosed with Ventricular Septal Defect a common heart defect most often presents at birth, which involves multiple holes in the wall between the heart’s lower chambers. The infant had to go through a surgical procedure called “Multiple VSD Closure”.

They approached the Medico-Social department of SRCC for financial assistance from whom they found the donor through NH CSR.

The treatment was done successfully with the combined efforts of Well at Heart Movement of Aerobicsoul Medical Technology Pvt Ltd and Narayana Health CSR.

By downloading the Well at Heart e-Health Magazine and using it for your own health you are contributing towards solving a huge problem in the society. You are saving lives of children.

The ‘Well at Heart’ e-Health Magazine App is available on Google Play Store by searching for ‘wellatheart’. It can be downloaded free of cost. You can also use this link to download for free :

Do your part. Save a child. Make a difference. Be Well at Heart.

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